The 10 Best Things Found Only at Kroger

In case you’re not already aware, Kroger is kind of a hidden gem. Yep, not only does the nation’s largest supermarket chain carry staples like bread, milk and produce, it also has a few of its own house brands serving up surprising finds we’ve come to love.

First there’s the Kroger® Brand (of course). Think of these as good quality staples with a great assortment with everything from pasta sauce and freshly baked bread to vitamin C gummies, all at an affordable price. Then there’s Simple Truth®, the largest natural and organic brand featuring foods that are free from artificial preservatives, GMOs and things you can’t pronounce. And finally for those with an inner foodie they’ve got Private Selection® that will help elevate any meal. Think: pimento cheese, harissa potato chips and perfectly soft assorted macarons (oooookay). Oh, and did we mention it’s all under $5? Here’s what you should definitely buy the next time you’re at Kroger that you can’t find anywhere else.

simple truth cheezy baked pea puffs

1. Simple Truth Organic® Cheezy Baked Pea Puffs

More peas, please. Crispy, crunchy and deliciously snackable, these vegan cheese pea puffs are a good source of protein and fiber and provide four servings of vegetables per bag. They also come in a smart paper laminate bag that contains 66 percent less plastic.

simple truth plant based buffalo cauliflower dip

2. Simple Truth® Plant-based Dips

Crudité, meet your kryptonite. The new collection of plant-based dips from Simple Truth® will make any veggie stick taste next-level. We’re partial to the Buffalo Cauliflower, but they also have Spicy Queso, Cilantro with Jalapeno and Tzatziki.

simple truth french toast sticks

3. Simple Truth Organic® Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

Goodbye frozen waffles, hello dippable French toast.

simple truth keto ice cream

4. Simple Truth® Keto Ice Cream

For the unfamiliar, the ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet that, per its many devotees, doesn’t deprive you of the best foods in life (like bacon or cheese—yum). Among those keto-friendly food groups is our all-time favorite: dessert. And yes, that includes ice cream. We’re loving the Simple Truth® selection of flavors like Butter Pecan, Coffee Chip and Black Raspberry.

kroger brand carbmaster products

5. Kroger® Brand Carbmaster® Products

Let Kroger help you master your carbs. Kroger Brand CARBmaster products are a great way to cut carbs, but not taste as all of the CARMmaster smoothie, yogurt, milk and bread products are keto-friendly and lactose free.

private selection matcha latte concentrate

6. Private Selection® Matcha Green Tea Latte Concentrate

Just add milk. No whisk necessary.

private selection bronze cut creamy macaroni and cheese

7. Private Selection® Bronze Cut Creamy Macaroni & Cheese

Even homemade mac and cheese devotees agree that this boxed version made with decadent gouda cheese is five-star quality. Just add broccoli or bacon to jazz it up for a truly indulgent TV dinner.

private selection focaccia style frozen pizza

8. Private Selection® Focaccia Style Frozen Pizza

This Private Selection® pizza is just one example of how Kroger has elevated its frozen food game. And for under $5, we may never order takeout again. (OK, maybe not never, but you get the idea.)

private selection honey almond granola nut butter

9. Private Selection® Honey Almond Granola Nut Butter

Elevating peanut butter to dessert status.

private selection chocolate ganache lava cakes

10. Private Selection® Chocolate Ganache Lava Cakes

Speaking of dessert, don’t sleep on this $4 find. *Adds to cart immediately*

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