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You’ve decided to go keto, so you can eat all the cheese and bacon you want (yesss). Then you realize, uh, you have to eat some other stuff, too. Never fear: Trader Joe’s is coming to your rescue. Presenting nine keto-friendly staples to always keep on hand.

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trader joes bbq cut salmon fillets
Trader Joe's

BBQ Cut Salmon Fillets

Keep your freezer stocked with these handy vacuum-sealed pouches—the next time you’re not sure what to make for dinner, you’ll have everything you need for an impromptu barbecue. 

Buy it ($10/pound)

trader joes riced cauliflower
Trader Joe's/Background: natthanim/Getty Images

Cauliflower Rice

It’s an absolute keto must.

Buy it ($2)

trader joes riced cauliflower bowl
Trader Joe's

Riced Cauliflower Bowl

Eat your heart out, Chipotle.

Buy it ($3)

trader joes 1000 day aged gouda cheese
Trader Joe's/Background: natthanim/Getty Images

1000 Day Aged Gouda Cheese

…to grate over said cauliflower bowl.

Buy it ($12)

trader joes organic chicken breast strips
Trader Joe's

Organic Chicken Breast Strips

Throw ’em on a salad, stuff ’em in a sandwich, dip ’em in honey mustard. (Psst: Trader Joe’s also sells a pre-cooked version of these strips.)

Buy it ($7/pound)

trader joes just a handful of raw almonds
Trader Joe's/Background: natthanim/Getty Images

Just a Handful of Raw Almonds

Individually portioned so you don’t accidentally eat half the bag (we’re guilty).

Buy it ($7)

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trader joes almond butter
Trader Joe's/Background: natthanim/Getty Images

Almond Butter

Stash an extra jar (or three) in the cupboard.

Buy it ($6)

trader joes virgin coconut oil
Trader Joe's/Background: natthanim/Getty Images

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Also doubles as eye makeup remover.

Buy it ($5)

trader joes salame de parma mild salami
Trader Joe's

Salame de Parma Mild Salami

Charcuterie skewers, anyone?

Buy it ($5)

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