Jennifer Garner Swears by This One Ingredient—But Ina Garten Disagrees

Love them or hate them, bay leaves are one of the most controversial ingredients in cooking. Take it from the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, who previously revealed that she’s skeptical if they add any flavor to food dishes.

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So, whether you’re team bay leaves or not, we understand your pain, and we get you—but not quite like actress Jennifer Garner, who recently revealed that she’s #TeamBayLeaves. 

This week on Instagram, The Adam Project star reposted a photo shared by The New York Magazine, which pokes fun at the food debate. The cartoon shows two women cooking a dish in the kitchen. The caption says, “And to make no difference at all, add a three-year-old bay leaf.” 

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The 50-year-old actress was quick to share her thoughts and revealed that she feels personally “called out” by the comic strip. But why does this comic make the actress feel so attacked? The cartoon implies that the bay leaf will not change the flavor of the dish like it’s suppose to.

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While some people—like Garner—enjoy cooking with the aromatic leaf, others—like Garten—argue that the ingredient is devoid of any flavor.

To bay or not to bay, that is the question.

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