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Sometimes we want to be classy with our drinks. What a wonderful Bordeaux you’ve paired with this meal, Betty. This isn't one of those times. This decidedly un-classy cocktail is just for fun. Watch to see how to have your dessert and drink it, too.

What You Need:
 - 2 ounces half and half
 - 1½ ounces vanilla vodka
 - ½ ounce Chambord
 - Ice
 - Colored sugar
 - Raspberries
 - Doughnut holes

Step 1: Garnish the rim of your glass with colored sugar before filling with ice and setting aside.

Step 2: In a separate glass, mix the half and half, vodka and Chambord. Stir until thoroughly combined.

Step 3: Pour over ice. Add a few raspberries and a doughnut hole skewered with a decorative straw as finishing touches.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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