Is French-Mex the Next Big Cuisine?

Pass the tortillas, s'il vous plaît

Look, we know we have the Tex-Mex thing down. (Avila’s, you have our heart forever.) But now the award-winning team behind Proof + Pantry is taking our absolute favorite cuisine and putting a French twist on it at their new Highland Parks pot, Madrina. And you know what? We love it.

Here are four dishes at Madrina that are making our mouths water.

Courtesy of Madrina

Wild Setas

You’ve probably had wild setas before, but not quite like this. The beautiful assortment of mushrooms is brought to life in a light-as-air crispy breading. But part of the magic here comes from Mexican beer, vodka and a classic staple, Topo Chico. Topped with poblano cream and served with warm corn tortillas, it’s délicieux.

Courtesy of Madrina

Taco De Chivo

We dare you to take your time eating this slow-cooked goat dish that’s served between purple tortillas. The intense sweet braise is paired perfectly with pasilla chiles and earthy parsnips. What’s French for mmmm?

Courtesy of Madrina


If French and Mexican cuisines had a baby, it would be this. It’s basically a duck confit taco, and we’re adopting it.

Courtesy of Madrina

Potato Tamal

You say patata, I say pomme de terre, let’s call the whole thing off and just stuff our faces with this potato dish. It’s got crème fraîche. It’s got caviar. It’s got it all. Bon appétit! 

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