7 Ina Garten Chicken Recipes to Make for Dinner Tonight

Oh, how we wish we could spend our mornings shopping at the Hamptons farmers’ market and our evenings breezily chopping shallots in a chambray button-down. Until then, here’s some dinner inspiration from our cooking idol. Presenting Ina Garten’s best chicken recipes. Your Jeffrey will love them.

The 11 Best Ina Garten Recipes of All Time

Lemon Chicken

It’s ready in under an hour. How easy is that?

Mustard Roasted Chicken

Ooh, it’s all about that crunchy bread-crumb crust.

Perfect Roast Chicken

This one’s perfect for Jeffrey’s birthday.

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Compulsive Foodie

Italian Wedding Soup

We do, Ina. We do.

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Chicken Chili

Do you think Ina likes to crumble tortilla chips in hers?

Five-ingredient Garlic Rosemary Roasted Chicken Breasts

If you can’t spend three weeks growing and harvesting your own rosemary, store-bought is fine.

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