The 12 Most Iconic Dallas Dishes You Must Try Once in Your Life

You haven’t had brisket quite like this

There are lots and lots and lots of great restaurants popping up around Dallas (including a bunch on wheels). And while we can’t complain about all the new food rolling into town, Dallas is a food city built on some legendary dishes, like brisket tacos that will straight up change your life. So make sure you try some of the most quintessentially Dallas dishes at least once in your life (emphasis on at least). Here’s our list.

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abacus dallas iconic dishes

Lobster Shooters At Abacus

Lobster dumplings in spicy curry broth served up like a bar shot? Yes, please. People have been ordering these as fast as the kitchen can prepare them since the restaurant opened back in 1999.

4511 McKinney Ave; 214-559-3111 or

mansion on turtle creek dallas iconic dishes
Mansion on Turtle Creek

Chicken Tortilla Soup At Mansion On Turtle Creek

When a fancy-pants restaurant like the Mansion on Turtle Creek is famous for a basic soup, you know it’s got to be damn good. This tomato-based soup is packed with avocado and tortilla strips, and it is 100 percent perfection.

2821 Turtle Creek Blvd.; 214-559-2100 or

Brisket Tacos At Mia’s Tex-mex

This Oak Lawn Avenue institution claims to have invented the brisket taco. Whether or not that claim is historically accurate, we’re willing to go along with it. The meat is so tender, the tortillas are so fresh and the brisket gravy doesn’t hurt the situation, either.

4322 Lemmon Ave.; 214-526-1020 or

pecan lodge dallas iconic dishes
Pecan Lodge

Hot Mess At Pecan Lodge

It’s everything you could possibly want: a sweet potato loaded with butter, cheese, barbacoa, bacon, sour cream and onions. Sharing is optional. Warning: Get lots of napkins.

2702 Main St; 214-748-8900 or

Fletcher’s Corny Dog At The Texas State Fair

Thousands flock to the State Fair of Texas just to eat one of these doused in mustard. But let’s say it together now: Corny Dog. Not corn dog. Keep practicing until the next State Fair, the only time you can eat one of these babies.

jimmys food store dallas iconic dishes
Jimmy's Food Store

Italian Stallion At Jimmy’s Food Store

Family run for 50 years, this is the place to eat the best cold cuts in the city. In fact, we recommend eating them all together on one sandwich.

4901 Bryan St.; 214-823-6180 or

the grape dallas iconic dishes
The Grape

Steak Frites At The Grape

A lot of menu items here are worthy of our attention (e.g., the mushroom soup and the burger). But we have to say the signature steak and potato dish is basically life changing. Still, all the more reason for you to return a few times.

2808 Greenville Ave.; 214-828-1981 or

Bob Armstrong At Matt’s Rancho Martinez

Taco meat, guacamole and sour cream perfectly placed in the center of a steaming bowl of queso. Was there ever any question that this would become an instant classic?

Multiple locations;

Popovers And Strawberry Butter At The Zodiac

Sure, Neiman Marcus is known for its amazing shopping. But their warm, fluffy pastries paired with decadent strawberry spread are the real reason we’re obsessed with this department store. It’s just the most sophisticated (and delicious) way to start off any meal.

1618 Main St.; 214-573-5800 or

Mambo Taxi At Mi Cocina

This margarita infused with a sangria swirl is something that everyone who lives in Dallas should earn a hangover from at least once.

Multiple locations;

cane rosso honey bastard
Cane Rosso/Facebook

Honey Bastard At Cane Rosso

What do you get when you mix hot soppressata, bacon jam, cheese and habanero honey? Pizza gold, that’s what. This pizza isn’t on the menu, so act like you know what you are talking about when you order one. Oh—and don’t you dare ask for a side of ranch (seriously, don’t).

Multiple locations;

Gooey Butter Cake At The Porch

The name says it all. Well, actually it doesn’t mention the vanilla ice cream or caramel syrup.

2912 N. Henderson Ave.; 214-828-2916 or

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