Iced Coffee Lovers, Rejoice! Keurig’s At-Home Iced Coffee Maker Is Finally Here

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At-home iced coffee has historically been a bit of a hassle. Either you’re making hot coffee and waiting around to let it cool down enough to plop some ice cubes in, or you’ve acquired the chemistry skills needed to grind, measure, seep and strain “cold brew” in the fridge (plus the patience to wait days on end for your concoction to be ready enough to drink). And don’t even get us started on the watered-down premade stuff. Luckily, Keurig® has released the answer to our iced coffee woes—and just in time for summer, no less.

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Introducing the Keurig K-Iced™ Brewer, a coffee maker able to create both sumptuous hot coffee and refreshingly cold iced coffee, all in one machine with the touch of a button. It’s thanks to the new “Brew Over Ice” feature in the K-Iced Brewer, which automatically adjusts brew temperature—starting hotter to help extract full flavor, then cooling down for less ice melt so you get a cup of flavorful iced coffee that’s never watered down. And like other Keurig machines, the K-Iced Brewer has a multi-cup reservoir, so no need to refill every time you want to brew. It’s also slim and streamlined to take up less counter space and can brew three different cup sizes depending on your caffeine needs.

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The best part is the machine works with any K-Cup pod, although they do offer specially crafted Iced K-Cup pods that work well over ice for a full-flavored, refreshing cup of cold joe. Coffee shop-quality iced coffee in minutes? We’re practically buzzing with caffeine the possibilities.

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