How to Chop an Onion So Fast, You Won't Have Time to Cry

Yay for multipurpose kitchen tools

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You’ve tried lighting a candle and wearing protective goggles. Still, every time you go to chop an onion, tears stream down your cheeks. This genius trick will reduce the waterworks big time.

What you need: An apple corer (like this one from OXO), an onion, a cutting board and a chef’s knife

What you do: Cut off the ends and remove the peel from your onion. Next, place the onion on your cutting board and line up the center of the apple corer with the core of your onion. When you feel like you have a good grip, press down firmly and slice on through.

Ta-da! The result is a bunch of even-sized onion wedges, ready to throw straight into a stir-fry, salad or soup. Yummm.

Quick: How many tears? You chopped the onion so fast, you didn’t notice. Boom.

How to Cut an Onion Like a Pro

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