Here’s How to Recork a Bottle of Wine (Like a Genius)

how to re cork a wine bottle

There are some days that call for a whole bottle of wine. Whether it was a stressful day at work or you’re drinking while binging  Game of Thrones, we’re not here to judge. But other times you just want, you know, a glass or two. Next time you find yourself in the latter camp, try one of these super-easy tricks to ensure your bottle is primed for sipping the next night. Here, three brilliant ways for how to re-cork wine when you don't have a stopper.

Method 1: Use wax paper
First, sit back and enjoy your glass of Cabernet. Then when you’re ready to close up the bottle, take a piece of wax paper and wrap the cork in it. Shove the wrapped end of the cork back in the opening. Why does this work? The wax paper acts as a lubricant, making it was easier to slide the cork back into the bottle, and as a barrier, making it harder for errant pieces of cork to float around in your wine.

Method 2: Use a smaller container
Here’s the thing: The more that wine is in contact with oxygen, the faster it will start to deteriorate. The fix? Reduce the surface area. One way to do that is to transfer your leftover wine into a smaller container (like a half bottle of wine). Just make sure to seal the smaller bottle either using the cork and wax paper trick above or with saran wrap.

Method 3: Use the fridge
Don’t have a small container or half-bottle of wine lying around? No problem. Slow down the damaging effects of oxygen by transferring your bottle of wine to the refrigerator. It should still be perfectly sippable tomorrow night. Cheers.

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