How to Make the Patrón El Cielo Spritz: The Drink of Gallery Beach House

ICYMI, we spent our summer hanging out in the Hamptons at the opening of our Gallery Beach House—a space in East Hampton, New York that we outfitted with the latest in home-entertaining, food, beauty and wellness for a series of intimate events with tastemakers, influencers and celebrities. A fresh take on the creator house, if you will.

During the month of August, Patrón El Cielo—dubbed the “smoothest tequila ever”—joined us to co-host cocktail parties, brunches and outings to Surf Lodge, Gurney’s and Sel Rrose (all spots where you can find this must-have tequila of the Hamptons).

A new innovation, Patrón El Cielo is a silver tequila distilled four times to harness the plant’s natural sweetness (a rare feat in the tequila world, where agave is usually distilled only up to three times). Guests of the Gallery Beach House had the opportunity to try it at our Patrón El Cielo bar in a variety of specialty cocktails or on ice with a slice of orange.

The most popular drink of choice? The Patrón El Cielo Spritz. Here’s how to make it.

How to Make the Patrón El Cielo Spritz

1 oz Patrón El Cielo
2 oz chilled rosé wine
3 oz chilled ginger ale
An orange wedge for garnish

Add the ice, Patrón El Cielo, rosé wine and ginger ale to a glass. Stir, and garnish with an orange wedge.

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