How to Make M&M’S Reindeer Party Favors

Party favors have never been so easy (or cute). Easily turn M&M’S® Minis Tubes into adorable little reindeer with some pipe cleaners, googly eyes and pom-poms. And don’t forget the jingle bell, of course! Follow the steps below to create your own.

What you’ll need: a pack of brown pipe cleaners, a pack of googly eyes, M&M’S® Minis Tubes, string, small bells, a pack of red pom-poms and a hot glue gun

Step 1: Twist the brown pipe cleaners into antler-like shapes.

Step 2: Using a hot glue gun, glue the pipe cleaner antlers to the back of the M&M’S® Minis Tubes, just below the cap.

Step 3: Glue a pair of googly eyes to the front of each tube, ½ inch below the cap.

Step 4: Glue a red pom-pom nose below the eyes.

Step 5: Thread the bells onto 3-inch pieces of string.

Step 6: Tie a string around each M&M’S® Minis Tube so the bell sits just below the pom-pom.


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