We Found the Absolute Best Way to Make a Turkey Crispy

crispy turkey

Certain things are facts. Mashed potatoes are better creamy. Stuffing is better moist. And turkey legs are definitely best served crispy. But how to get the ultimate crisp without sacrificing flavor? Here's our not-so-secret trick.

What you need: A turkey, a baking pan, aluminum foil and a few days' notice.

What you do: Line the baking sheet with foil and place your turkey on top. Tent the whole thing loosely with more aluminum foil to keep it covered. Pop it in the fridge (on its own shelf) for three days. Remove, cook, serve.

Why it works: The cold temps suck out the moisture while preserving the flavor—so once you put it in the oven, the skin crisps right up. 

The takeaway: Mark your calendars for Thanksgiving. And make room in your fridge.

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