How to Make a DIY Wall Spice Rack

Whether you’re running out of counter space or never had it in the first place, a DIY wall spice rack is an aesthetically pleasing way to organize your plethora of Himalayan salt containers and one too many jars of oregano. Below are three reasons to try it for yourself. Read, then watch the video above for an easy tutorial.

1. It creates a categorized zone. Vow to stop wasting time searching through cupboards for that little jar of saffron, since it really drains the golden aura out of cooking at home. Instead, a designated rack (or two) allows easy access and helps prevent your risotto from burning during that saffron search.

2. It keeps items visible. Swap cluttered-looking boxes and bags for OXO POP Containers. These handy little guys not only create a uniform look and allow you to see when you’re running low but also feature a push-button mechanism that creates an airtight seal to keep your spices fresh for months.

3. It allows you to label everything. A cohesive label system is useful, attractive and a deterrent against disorder. Lucky for you, OXO sells stickers that perfectly match the design of their POP containers.

angela pares

VP, Design + Branded Content

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