6 Sneaky High-Carb Veggies That Could Be Kicking You Right Out of Ketosis

Sadly, bagels are off-limits on the keto diet. But—surprise—some vegetables also hide a boatload of carbs. Here, six culprits that might be sneakily pushing you over your daily cap (and the carbs in each, courtesy of the USDA).

Everything You Can and Can’t Eat on the Ketogenic Diet


Potatoes: 26g Carbs (per 1 Cup, Diced)

Even fingerlings are a no-go.


Peas: 21g Carbs (per 1 Cup)

Sadly, sprinkling them on a salad doesn’t change the facts.


Corn: 39g Carbs (per 1 Cup Kernels)

An ear has 17 grams of carbs: You’ve been warned.

Ellen Silverman/Everyday Dorie

Winter Squash: 10g Carbs (per 1 Cup, Diced)

Think twice before you add them to your lunch bowl with abandon.

JannHuizenga/Getty Images

Lima Beans: 31g Carbs (per 1 Cup)

We give you permission to keep a bag lying around for the kiddos.

LindasPhotography/Getty Images

Black-eyed Peas: 27g Carbs (per 1 Cup)

Sorry, collards, you’ll have to double up on bacon.