7 Healthy but Delicious Alternatives for Your Favorite Junk Foods

There’s nothing like bingeing on Netflix and a pint of Chunky Monkey. That said, we have 300 weddings and a beach vacay we’re prepping for, so we should maybe sorta kinda try and resist our cravings. Good thing there are plenty  of healthy snacks that will totally curb our Ben & Jerry’s hankering, without the added guilt (i.e., 5 billion calories). Below, seven healthy—but yum—alternatives for your favorite junk food.

7 Snacks That Are Secretly Unhealthy

hippeas chips

Instead Of Cheetos, Try Hippeas Chickpea Puffs

They’re made from chickpeas and come in five different flavors. In fact, a single serving of Hippeas has three grams of fiber and four grams of plant-based protein at only 130 calories. Yeah, you may never return to your Cheetos days once you try these guys. But don’t worry: You’ll still get to lick your fingers when the bag is empty. 

justins peanut butter cups

Instead Of Your Go-to Candy, Try Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups

Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups, made with entirely organic ingredients and packed with four grams of protein, have made everyone’s favorite movie snack a whole lot healthier. You can load up your purse with dark, milk or white chocolate cups, and head to your nearest theater. And remember: Sharing is caring.  

annies cheddar squares

Instead Of Cheez-its, Try Annie’s Homegrown Organic Cheddar Squares

Lower in fat, sodium and calories (60 fewer than Cheez-Its per serving), Annie’s Homegrown are still undeniably addicting. But the organic wheat, unrefined oils and real cheddar cheese make it A-OK to scarf them down delight in a serving or two. Everything in moderation, right?

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vermont sausage cheddar sticks
Vermont Smoke and Cure

Instead Of Beef Jerky, Try Vermont Smoke & Cure Meat Sticks

Just one of these sticks (depending on the flavor) contains six to eight grams of protein and is fewer than 100 calories per serving. Plus, the company ensures that its animals are vegetarian-fed with zero antibiotics, added hormones or preservatives. Pick up this environmentally friendly snack the next time your umami craving kicks in. 

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banza pasta

Instead Of Regular Mac And Cheese, Try Banza Chickpea Pasta Mac And Cheese

You’ve probably already heard of Instagram’s (and Kristen Bell’s) favorite chickpea pasta, but you may not know that Banza also has a line of healthy, gluten-free boxed mac and cheese. The noodles, made of trusty ol’ chickpeas, contain much higher amounts of protein (18 grams per serving) and dietary fiber than their Kraft counterparts.  

siete nacho chips

Instead Of Doritos, Try Siete Nacho Grain-free Tortilla Chips

Siete has an entire assortment of grain-free products, but our favorite has to be its vegan and gluten-free nacho-flavored chips. Made with wholesome ingredients including cassava and coconut flour, avocado oil, chia seeds and flavorful seasonings such as smoked serrano and roasted garlic powder, these chips pack a punch but won’t give you the dreaded bloating snack hangover.

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halo top peanut butter ice cream
Halo Top

Instead Of Ben & Jerry’s, Try Halo Top Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried Halo Top ice cream yet, you must be living under a rock. These healthy pints have been fulfilling all of our ice cream needs ever since they hit the shelves, and for good reason. Halo Top contains higher amounts of protein, less fat and sugar, and much fewer calories than traditional brands, not to mention it actually has the same creamy consistency of our old friends, Ben & Jerry. Plus, with the entire pint’s calories printed in giant letters, you won’t feel so bad for crushing the whole thing next time you watch five straight episodes of Queer Eye

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