This Secret Lunch Lounge Serves the Chicest Meal in Town

Stunning. Sophisticated. Showstopping. These adjectives are not usually used to describe the oft-overlooked midday meal. But at Grange Hall, lunch is the main attraction—and it defies all daytime descriptors as a chic spot to sit a spell and indulge, if only for an hour or two. Here’s exactly how to dominate your first Grange Hall lunch experience (and it is an experience). You’ll thank us later.

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Jill Broussard

Before You Eat

You might assume that a lunch-only restaurant wouldn’t require a reservation, but we highly recommend booking in advance. Once you arrive, drop your car at the valet, step inside and peruse the shop in front of the restaurant, which sells scented candles, beautiful and ornate pieces of jewelry and unique homewares. As you make your way toward the back of Grange Hall, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful floral display that will take your breath away. Pick your jaw up off of the floor and make your way to the hostess stand.

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Getting Settled

Should you have a fancy-pants handbag that you wouldn’t dare let rest on the floor, don’t worry: The restaurant provides chic stools made especially for your purse. (Why don’t more places do this?) As your server goes over the specials, we encourage you to listen. We wouldn’t want you to miss hearing about the lobster and avocado salad or the incredible vegan hazelnut soup.

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The Drinks

Now the hard part: deciding on a beverage. Will this be a boozy lunch or a tame tea affair? (It probably depends how productive you expect to be the rest of the afternoon.) Whether you opt for Champagne by the bottle or by the glass or settle on an Arnold Palmer made with lemonade ice cubes, you can rest assured your libation will be delicious (and served in gorgeous glassware).

snob sandwich
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The Food

Selecting an entrée might seem hard, but it’s actually a no-brainer—especially if you’re a first-timer. It’s all about the Snob Sandwich, a meticulously composed arrangement of Petrossian smoked salmon, organic egg salad, crème fraîche and Petrossian caviar served on buttered brioche. Other options include seasonal salads, quiches and a serious burger. Feeling under the weather? Chicken noodle soup has never been so stylish.

seaonal parfait
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The Dessert

The flourless chocolate cake is going to tempt you, but the seasonal parfait is the way to go. It’s impossibly light and fluffy, and it will leave you with plenty of room to sip what may very well be the best cappuccino in Dallas. Besides, when is ordering something topped with edible gold leaf ever a bad idea?

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