Funfetti Cereal Is a Thing and Our Inner Child Is Psyched

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Let’s face it: You can never have too many sprinkles. That’s why we’ve been crushing on Funfetti cake for the last three decades—and we know you have too. You won’t need to wait for a kids’ party to indulge again though. In fact, Funfetti cereal exists—because of course it does—and we're (unreasonably?) excited about it.

On the heels of the release of two other sprinkle-filled morning gems—Funfetti pancake and waffle mix and coffee creamer—the cereal is scheduled to hit shelves this August. It’ll be joining the ranks of cookie, brownie and cake mixes and lots of festive frostings.

There aren’t many details out yet about the cereal’s flavor or components, but from what we can tell from the box (and every Funfetti product we’ve ever devoured), it’s likely sweet with notes of cake batter and vanilla. And covered in tons of sprinkles.

A family-sized box will cost you between $3.50 and $5.50 depending on your retail location. But tbh, we’d pay double just to try this stuff now.

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Nostalgic baking projects are our happy place. We have spoons at the ready for Funfetti cereal’s August release, but until then, we’ll get our sprinkle fix from these treats instead.

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