Functional Beverages Are the Latest Self-Care Trend—Here Are Our Grocery Store Faves

Chances are you’ve spotted the endless rainbow-hued assortment of new beverage brands at your local gas station, bodega or vending machine. From old-fashioned sodas to non-ABV aperitifs, there’s no shortage of options these days. One trend we’re always on board with though, is self-care—this time in liquid form. Think: functional drinks and juices packed with pre- and probiotics, apple cider vinegar, superfoods and vitamins. We’re partial to the Simple Truth brand, which is free from artificial colors, flavors and ingredients. Plus it’s affordable and available online and from the Kroger family of stores. So cheers to your good health with this impressive lineup of five better-for-you bevvies, all from Simple Truth.

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Simple Truth/Victoria Bellafiore for PureWow

1. Probiotic Waters

These naturally flavored waters are the elevated version of your average H2O, with each containing over 2 billion probiotic cultures in the cap—so they're ready to dispense when you're ready to hydrate (and keep your gut health on track). The delightful fruit flavors are also dispensed from the cap, and these combos are mouthwateringly good: peach raspberry, cherry apple and watermelon kiwi.

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Simple Truth/Victoria Bellafiore for PureWow

2. Organic Juice Shots

If you need to get your system back on track, these antioxidant shots are an easy on-the-go fix. They’re available in ginger and elderberry flavors and contain vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, camu camu, ginseng and live probiotics.

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Simple Truth/Victoria Bellafiore for PureWow

3. Organic Probiotic Soda

You don’t slack when it comes to your health, and your favorite-tasting beverages shouldn’t either. That’s why these fizzy, sweet-enough, flavor-packed, gut-healthy sodas contain pro- and prebiotics, 9 grams of plant fiber, kefir and apple cider vinegar for a drink that's just as fun to sip as it is good for you.

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Simple Truth/Victoria Bellafiore for PureWow

4. Organic Mushroom Instant Coffee

We’ve heard of the benefits of superfood mushrooms. Now you can start your day with them. This fair trade organic instant coffee contains seven different types of fungi to aid with focus, gut health, balance, energy and immunity boost—without the dreaded jitters.

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Simple Truth/Victoria Bellafiore for PureWow

5. Immunity Support Juice

This immune-boosting juice—a blend of apple, cherry, pomegranate and elderberry—is chock-full of vitamins A, C, E and zinc, but has zero added sugar.


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