Yes, You Can Add Chili Crisp to Your Ice Cream–and More Surprising Recipes from Chef Jing Gao

When we chatted with Jing Gao, chef, cookbook author and founder of condiments brand Fly By Jing, we knew we were in for a spicy conversation about all things food and how to elevate our everyday meals. As an honoree of our annual PureWow 24 in '24 roundup, we've been keeping a close eye on Gao's success in bringing her Sichuan roots to the U.S. through a wide array of flavorful products, recipes and branding that is, shall we say, *chef's kiss*. Ahead, Gao shares how we can use traditional Chinese spices from breakfast through dessert. Your weekday meal prep is about to get a first-class upgrade. 

“I created Fly By Jing in 2018 as a modern, premium Chinese condiment and flavor brand,” Gao tells us. “I was born in Sichuan, the flavor capital of China. After moving to Canada and then the U.S., I started to reconnect through my roots, and did so through flavor as a medium. I became obsessed with the incredible flavors of Chinese cuisine, and the more I learned about it, the more I realized how the rest of the world wasn’t in on the wealth of flavors that existed in my hometown,” Gao adds. Now set on a mission to bring the flavor profiles of her heritage to Western masses, Gao has launched her first underground supper club called Fly By Jing.

And when it comes to creating recipes with these condiments such as Chili Crisp, Mala spices and Chengdu crunch in mind, Gao wants to set one thing straight: “I think a common misconception that we're trying to change at the brand is that if you’re cooking with a Chinese condiment, like Chili Crisp, that you can only make Chinese food, which is simply not true.” When asked what some of her favorite Western dishes to use spices like Chili crisp and oil with, Gao shared a few fan favorites. “You don’t have to change your cooking style to fit a flavor or spice–you can use it how you’re already living. If you’re eating eggs in the morning, or making pasta for dinner, you can put this on it. It's even delicious with ice cream!” One recipe we can’t wait to try? Jing’s Chili Crisp Sundae with Fish Sauce Caramel Brittle– sorry, Ben and Jerry…but this flavor takes the cake.

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