Have You Heard of Fitness Bread? Here’s Why It Has a Cult Following

Let’s be honest: Bread just isn’t that good for us. But because we’re in denial, we’re interested in every single “better for you” option out there. That’s where Mestemacher Natural Fitness Bread comes in. Made by an ancient German company that’s been pushing packaged, natural, whole foods literally since the industrial revolution, the stuff has entire health forums dedicated to it. We got our hands on a loaf to see what all the fuss was about.

Why is Fitness Bread so great? Made with just eight ingredients including whole rye, water, oat kernels and wheat germ, the bread has zero preservatives. A single slice has double the fiber and one-third the sugar of traditional whole-grain bread. Plus, its shelf life puts other breads to shame: up to six months or longer, thanks to a special pasteurization process.

What does it taste like? Each hefty loaf is about 75 percent larger than a regular loaf and comes pre-sliced and vacuum-sealed. Neither soft nor crusty, it’s dense, rustic and tastes like all of those nutty whole grains that go into it (but it’s totally nut-free). Above all, it’s filling. A single slice will completely satisfy you.

How do I eat it? The same way you eat traditional bread. Spread it with nut butter, smash on some avocado, pile it high with veggies or add some tuna and melty cheese. The opportunities are endless.

Where can I buy it? Health food stores, Walmart and Amazon.