10 Things to Always Have on Your Family Grocery List (So You Never Have “Nothing Around”)

The back-to-school transition is hard on everyone. But throw in a pre-teen who comes home only to whine that there’s nothing in the house to eat, and you’re on the verge of turning into the exploding head emoji.

Sometimes you can make lemons into lemonade, and sometimes an after-school snack is the last thing on your frazzled brain. Thankfully, Simple Truth is here for you. The brand is known for fresh, better-for-you ingredients that are full of the good and free from the “bad.” (Sounds kind of perfect, no?) Here are 10 of our favorite Simple Truth products to always have on hand in order to avoid any of those “Mom, I’m starving!” moments.

simple truth plant based dips
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Plant-based Dips

With savory flavors like Chipotle, Hatch Queso and Portobello Mushroom, your kids will hardly notice that these dips are vegan (made with cashews!). Serve them with a heaping portion of veggies and let everyone help themselves.

simple truth lentil pasta1
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Organic Gluten-free Red Lentil Pasta

Finally, a gluten-free, plant-based pasta with a firm texture and plenty of protein and fiber. With fusilli, spaghetti and penne, we’d stock up on every shape if we were you.

simple truth energy bars
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Organic Baked Energy Bars

Organic, gluten-free and full of 12 whole grains means you’ll have no problem handing these energy-boosting bars over to your kids during snack time (or anytime).

simple truth apple slices
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Organic Sweet Red Apple Slices

These naturally sweet, organic apple slices are already perfectly sliced and individually wrapped for on-the-go snacking. As Ina Garten would say, “How easy is that?”

simple truth chicken
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Deli Whole Roasted Chicken

Having a fresh roasted, cage-free chicken on hand is the ultimate grocery list power move. Use some of the vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free meat for sammies or serve whole for a totally hands-off dinner.

simple truth pb j dippers
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Pb&j Dippers

A classic PB&J, without the mess. Your kids will get a kick out of dipping these peanut-butter-filled wafers into their favorite flavor of jam (strawberry or grape) and you’ll love knowing they have absolutely no artificial flavors, color or preservatives.

simple truth lemonade
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Organic 6-pack Bottle Lemonade

Put down the lemonade powder. Organic, pasteurized and in a convenient six-pack, your fam will be reaching for this delicious portable drink all summer long.

simple truth veggie dog
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Plant-based Veggie Dogs

All the savory goodness of a hot dog—without any of the stuff you can't pronounce. These dogs are meatless, vegan, full of 8 grams of plant-based protein and free from anything artificial.

simple truth riced cauliflower
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Organic Riced Cauliflower

This organic riced cauliflower is surprisingly versatile. Use it to whip up fried rice, stuffed peppers, veggie burgers or even pizza crust. It’s pre-washed and ready to steam right in the bag.

simple truth mini cookies
Simple Truth/Sofia Kraushaar

Simple Truth Plant-based Mini Cookies

A treat you can feel good about. These better-for-you mini cookies are dairy-free, nut-free, vegan and come in three different flavors, including chocolate chip, double chocolate and birthday cake. Just add your favorite milk!

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