Enjoy the Moment Wherever Summer Takes You with Copa di Vino

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If you’re as excited about summer as we are, then chances are you already have some upcoming adventures secured. Whether your plans take you to the outdoors or the comfort of your own backyard, one thing’s for sure: You’ll want a glass of your favorite beverage to savor each moment. Thankfully Copa di Vino offers self-serve wine glasses you can take wherever your summer-loving heart desires.

With a variety of sweet and balanced wines that don’t sacrifice quality, Copa di Vino’s portable containers were made for moments on the go. Their freshly sealed plastic glasses have splash caps to avoid spillage and each one is 100 percent recyclable. Need more convincing? Here are a few ways to appreciate Copa di Vino’s quality wine this season.

cabernet savignon

1. Picnics In The Park

Picture this: Reclining on a pillow-accented blanket with a basket of Copa di Vino in a variety of reds and whites—quite a sight, right? No worries about who has the bottle or who forgot the plastic wine glasses because you’d have a self-serve glasses ready to take a sip.


2. Weekends At The Beach

Turn a day at the beach into a mini vacation with a glass of wine in hand. Take a bike ride along the boardwalk or lounge on the sand and appreciate the view of the ocean with a beverage you love.


3. Wine Club To-go

Also known as Happy Hour, but instead of a bar (we’re still practicing COVID safety after all) take your wine to-go. It’s perfect for wine lovers who love to hang out with other wine lovers. All you need to do is order a pack in advance (comes in cases of 12) and make sure you have enough to share.

white zinfandel

4. Byob Paint ‘n’ Sip

Paint ‘n’ Sips were designed for wine lovers—everyone else kind of hopped on the wagon with their own concoctions. Imagine yourself rocking to the beat, drawing small circles (that later on look like bushes) only to realize your painting looks nothing like the instructor’s canvas. But you don’t care because the wine is starting to hit.

pinot grio

5. On A Walking Trail

If you have no intention of breaking a sweat this summer, then finding some easy walking trails will meet your needs. Whether you choose a nature hike or a concrete path, bring a glass of Copa di Vino to enjoy along the way. Packaged with lids so you can store them in your backpack or fanny pack, they’ll be your favorite accessory this summer.


6. At A Family Barbecue

Family gatherings have been difficult this past year, but this summer we’re optimistic. As vaccinations rise, coming together with for a BBQ will be even more enjoyable with the addition of Copa di Vino and sizzling food on the grill.


7. Sailing On The Water

The sun glistening on the water as you sail into the sunset is enough to make you stop and soak in life’s beauty. An added bonus? Portable Riesling, of course.