Emily Blunt's English Potato Recipe Is So Good, Ina Garten Just Shared It on Instagram

What do Emily Blunt and Ina Garten have in common? Potatoes. Specifically “Emily’s English Roasted Potatoes,” which, Garten shared to her Instagram account along with a link to the recipe on the Barefoot Contessa website. And by the photo alone, the spuds look delectable.

While we wish we knew all the ins and outs of the Blunt-Garten friendship (like, do they talk on the phone? FaceTime? Text?), we do know, thanks to Garten's caption, that Blunt contributed her “family's favorite roasted potatoes” recipe to Garten's upcoming cookbook, Modern Comfort Food. The latest volume in Garten's repertoire comes out in October 2020, and it's dedicated to old-fashioned crowd-pleasers (think: roasted sausages, peppers and onions) that are easy to cook and cleanup. Sounds kinda perfect the times, no?

From a foray into prop comedy with a massive cosmo to easy and comforting recipe ideas, Garten's know-how and breezy kitchen attitude have made her even more of an Instagram fixture in the past couple of months as so many sheltering in place are looking for a little guidance in the cooking department. Which brings us back Blunt's potatoes. What makes them so special? The simple recipe calls for cooking the potatoes twice—first by boiling and then by roasting, which we assume helps make the final product extra crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Mmm. Talk about modern comfort food.

Double date with Ina, Jeffrey, John Krasinski and Emily? We'd love to be invited to that dinner.


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