6 Snacks That Are Getting PureWow Editors Through Quarantine

So…this quarantine thing is getting pretty old, huh? To no one’s surprise, our one saving grace has been snacking. And take it from us: It makes a *big* difference. Whether your go-to is homemade tzatziki and veggies or a crumpled bag of potato chips, a late-night nibble offers a special kind of solace that everyone could use these days. Here are six snacks that are getting PureWow editors through quarantine.

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1. Homemade Guacamole

“I have been living for my husband’s homemade guacamole. I feel like I trick myself into thinking it’s healthy because I’m eating avocados, but then I consume, like, a whole bag of chips. Still, I don’t care. It is so, so good; it’s worth it.” —Rachel Bowie, senior editor of special projects

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2. Fishpeople Sweet + Smoky Original Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

“I’m pescatarian, but often get jealous of things that meat-eaters can have (see: barbecue, buffalo wings, etc.). So, the closest I can get to beef jerky is...salmon jerky. Yes, it smells terrible, but I’m quarantined so no one can judge me on the weird scent of my snacks. It turns out the smoky, salty flavor and deliciously dry texture of these guys is amazing. I may or may not eat a bag in one sitting.” —Dena Silver, fashion director

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3. A Big Bowl Of Popcorn

“I love a good popcorn snack for a few reasons. One, I miss movie theaters. Two, you can customize the flavors (we like flaky salt and a really spicy Ethiopian seasoning called berbere). Three, you can make a giant bowl, inhale the entire thing in one sitting (no sharing) and not feel too deathly or bloated. We pop ours with a Whirley Pop because we don’t have a microwave, but honestly, it tastes better that way.” —Katherine Gillen, food editor

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4. Carrots

“I'm not trying to sound sanctimonious, but my family has gotten really into carrots in quarantine. I buy a five-pound bag at the grocery store and slice them up daily for dipping in peanut butter, hummus or eating on their own. I think my kids think they're pretzels. Shh.”Jillian Quint, VP of content

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5. Legally Addictive Cracker Cookies

“I’m a sucker for anything sweet and salty, and these take the cake. The new Churros flavor is ridiculous; it’s a graham cracker base coated with toffee, chocolate, cinnamon sugar and sea salt. But the OG is my favorite. I love how flaky and crispy the saltines are. Just the texture is enough to bring me to the bottom of the bag within one episode of Dead To Me.” —Taryn Pire, associate food editor

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6. Doritos…lots And Lots Of Doritos

“Not gonna lie, but I am all about the crunch and salty satisfaction of Doritos in the classic Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch iterations. I was just at Costco mulling some VW Bug-sized bags of them and I thought, “that’s too much for just me and my 14-year-old son,” and then I paused, got honest with myself and said, “who am I kidding?” and threw them in my cart.” —Dana Dickey, senior editor

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