These Fitness Influencers Are Raving About the New Protein-Packed ‘Eat Your Mouth Off’ Cereal and We’ve Got the Scoop

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One of the things we love about social media—besides its ability to foster connection—is discovering new things. And #fitnesstok is no different, which is why we turned to four fitness influencers to try the buzzy new, protein-packed (22 grams), zero-sugar cereal called Eat Your Mouth Off. Here’s what they had to say.

The Reviewers:


We know what professional powerlifter @cranonn means when she says it can be hard to get enough protein in the morning—especially on busy days when there’s no time to turn on the oven or heat up a frying pan. So a cereal that has plenty of protein with zero sugar? Sign us up.


We love fitness influencer @chaysembyrd’s honest, no-holds-barred content, so we knew she’d tell it to us straight about the cereal, which she says gave her the protein she needed to keep going past mile three of her run.


Fruity cereal lovers, stand up! Bodybuilder @swolericketts’s review of the flavorful, plant-based Eat Your Mouth Off Fruity makes us want to grab a bowl and join him.


Fit-fluencer @yayatshuma gave the chocolate flavor a try. Her review? “Getting your protein in doesn’t have to be boring and hard just because we’re adults…because I’m definitely drinking the milk out of this bowl when I’m done with the cereal.”

Not a low-calorie food. See nutrition facts for sugar & calorie info
Net CHO=Total CHO-dietary fiber
Chocolate: 2g Net CHO=7g-5g
Fruity: 1g Net CHO=6g-5g

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