20 Easy Dinners You Can Make with Bulgur

There are no shortage of ancient grains to add to your pantry, but if you haven’t tried bulgur wheat, now’s the time. Bulgur is a high-fiber, quick-cooking grain hailing from Middle Eastern cuisine that has serious versatility in the kitchen. You can toss it in a salad, serve it under fish, and even mix it into meatballs. Try it for yourself with these 20 easy dinners you can make with bulgur.

1. Bulgur With Roasted Butternut Squash, Sage And Goat Cheese

Monday to Friday calls for easy dinners that taste delicious. If you need inspo, try this roasted butternut squash and goat cheese bulgur dish.

2. Armenian Bulgur, Parsley And Tomato Salad

Coterie member Liz Harris shares her Armenian heritage with this bulgur-based salad with tomatoes, fresh parsley and bell peppers.

cumin grilled barramundi with harissa spiced hummus and tabbouleh
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3. Cumin Grilled Barramundi With Harissa Spiced Hummus And Tabbouleh

Bulgur makes the perfect base for the tabbouleh in this grilled fish dinner. Plus, we’re all about the harissa-spiced hummus.

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4. Tofu Bulgur Vegan Meatballs

Tofu and bulgur come together in these tasty vegan “meatballs” you can top on spaghetti, cover in tomato sauce or just pop straight from pan into mouth. (It’s a great rec, Coterie member Gena Hamshaw.)

5. Cauliflower Bulgur Wheat Casserole With Honey Chicken And Peaches

We’re seriously impressed with how much is happening in this casserole: chicken, bulgur, cauliflower, peaches and more.

6. Instant Pot Pumpkin Walnut Chili

Talk about easy. Toss bulgur and red lentils as the base of this chili into your Instant Pot and soup is ready in 30 minutes.

7. Spinach And Tomato Bulgur Salad

This bulgur-based salad has only five ingredients, making it the ideal weeknight dinner.

8. Spring Tabbouleh With Harissa And Grilled Halloumi

The best part of this Middle Eastern salad with bulgur, grilled halloumi cheese and harissa spice? You can make it hours ahead of time.

9. Turkey Kibeh With Cucumber Salad And Mint Yogurt Sauce

Meet kibeh, a Middle-Eastern croquette that combines bulgur with ground meat and a refreshing mint-yogurt sauce.

10. Bulgur Wheat, Sweet Potato And Black Bean Gratin

Coterie member Katie Workman shares this vegetarian casserole that includes bulgur, sweet potatoes and black beans.

11. Lemony Turkey Kofta On Bulgur With Herb Drizzle

Serve turkey kofta over bulgur instead of rice for a low-cal swap.

12. Moroccan Salad With Cilantro Orange Dressing

Pistachios, dates and oranges? We’re so on board with this bulgur salad full of Moroccan flavors.

13. Avocado Tabbouleh

Sometimes, it’s best just to keep it simple. Try this Lebanese tabbouleh topped with avocado and served in lettuce cups for an easy dinner.

14. Toasted Coconut, Bulgur, And Butternut Squash Bowl

Forget quinoa. Now it’s all about bulgur wheat bowls.

15. Lemony Bulgur Chickpea Salad

Coterie member Gena Hamshaw believes it’s possible to make homemade, good-tasting food even when time and energy are both very short. One bite of this bulgur wheat and chickpea salad and you’ll agree.

16. Sweet And Sour Chicken With Grilled Fruits And Herbed Bulgur

The secret sauce? Pomegranate molasses.

17. Sage-barley Risotto With Butternut Squash

No rice? No problem. Try bulgur in your risotto for a lower calorie alternative to arborio rice.

brussels sprouts tuna salad with bulgur wheat
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18. Brussels Sprouts Tuna Salad With Bulgur Wheat

Add some oomph to your tuna salad by tossing in brussels sprouts and bulgur wheat.

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19. Tomato, Zucchini And Bulgur Salad

This grain salad keeps so well that you can make extra as meal prep for the week’s lunches.

20. Coffee Crusted Steak Buddha Bowl With Spiced Butter

This herby bulgur wheat and spiced butter makes the best bed for coffee-crusted steak.

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