The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Bars in Chicago

It’s not just you (or your dog): canine separation anxiety is real, especially after the year-plus you spent at home giving uninterrupted belly rubs. While you can’t take your pup with you everywhere as you re-enter society, you can help ease the transition by bringing Bruiser along to your next dinner or happy hour adventure. Choose from this round-up of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Chicago, and revel in some canine company while out on the town.

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1. Parson’s Chicken And Fish

All four of our city’s Parson’s locations have three crucial factors in common: negroni slushies, iconic red-and-white striped umbrellas and dog-friendly patios. Order a plate of hush puppies as an homage to all the dogs that surround you, and don’t forget to offer a crumb to your very good doggo.

Multiple locations;

2. The Promontory

The perfect day does exist: Take your dog for a stroll around Promontory Point (and perhaps take a dip in the lake while you’re there), then dry off in the sun as you walk to The Promontory, where the sunny two-story patio is ready to greet you with a cold, refreshing drink (and a food menu currently in flux after COVID closures; ask your server for the latest updates).

5311 S Lake Park Ave. W; (312) 801-2100 or

3. Pb & J

Dream with us: Take your dog to PB&J—short for Pizza, Beer & Jukebox—and wait for a song to come on that inspires Fido to burst into song (or at least into some adorable a-roo-roo-roo’s). While you wait for the magic to happen, sip on a frozen Chi Coolada cocktail and take your pick from an array of thin-crust pizzas, such as the inventive Loaded Baked Potato pie. And, no, PB&J doesn’t skimp on perks for pupperonis; house-made Doge Jerky, anyone?

205 N Peoria St.; 312-498-7080 or

4. R Public House

Public House’s spacious pup-friendly patio is part of the sprawling expanse of the Jarvis Square shared outdoor dining complex. (We would never say that there’s an upside to the pandemic but closing that block of Jarvis to traffic to create extra dining space is pretty sweet.) Start in the R. Public House section for a beer and a burger or a wood-fired pizza, and consider wandering down the block for a drink al fresco from Jarvis Square Tavern or Taste Food and Wine. Wherever you land, you’re sure to find something delicious for yourself, and plenty of ear scratches for your pup from passersby.

1508 W Jarvis Ave.; (872) 208-7916 or

dog friendly restaurants and bars in chicago jack and ginger s
Jack and Ginger's

5. Jack And Ginger's

Strings of twinkle lights glimmer over the dog-friendly patio at Jack and Ginger’s, which is all the better for snapping a pick of your pup between sips of draft beer. Order a pizza with house-made dough (try the Buffalo chicken pie), save a scrap of crust for your dog, and kick back to enjoy whichever sporting event is screening on one of several outdoor televisions.

2048 W Armitage; 773-227-6700 or

6. Ludlow Liquors

You’re destined to love everything you see on Ludlow Liquors’ back patio: colorful murals on the surrounding fence, a cheeseburger with loaded fries in front of you, and—hovering below the table, daring to hope—your favorite dog’s snoot, waiting for you to drop something. Order a bowl of water on the rocks for your dog, and a pomegranate margarita for yourself, and you’re all set for a lovely outing.

2959 N California Ave.; (773) 754-7492 or

7. Wolcott Tap

Swing around the corner off of bustling Montrose onto Wolcott Tap’s namesake street, and you’ll discover a peaceful, dog-friendly patio. Try the truffled grilled cheese sandwich or, if you time it right, grab a plate of fish tacos with mango salsa, served only on the weekends. Pair your pick with a local or regional beer, or with a cocktail such as a Last Word made with mezcal, and you’re in good shape to settle in and watch your pup interact with other pooches as they pass by on their evening walks.

1834 W Montrose Ave,; (773) 360-7579 or

8. Nonnina

At Nonnina, the chef de cuisine is also the chef de canine—so both puppies and people are sure to enjoy a hearty meal. Enjoy a plate of lobster ravioli without warding off pleading puppydog eyes, since your pet will be busy chowing down on selections from the official Puppy Menu, such as a meatball with tomatoes and bacon-infused rice.

340 N. Clark St.; (312) 822-0077 or

9. Corridor Brewery

People- and pup-watching along the bustling Southport Corridor? Don’t mind if we do, especially from a seat at Corridor Brewery’s charming sidewalk patio. Order a pint of the hazy Peel Slowly hefeweizen, which boasts notes of banana, and pair it with the Cauliflower and Curds, an appetizer that’s also our favorite game in town: is this fried and buffalo-sauced morsel going to be a veggie or a cheese? You won’t know until you take a bite.

3446 N Southport Ave.; (773) 270-4272 or

10. Midwest Coast Brewing Co.

If Midwest Coast Brewing Co.’s Instagram is any indication, its patio is a non-stop puppy party—and that’s exactly where we want to be. While there are plenty of kettle chips and pretzels on hand in case you get peckish, the best move is to check the schedule to see which food trucks will be on the premises. That way, you can blissfully anticipate pairing your next meal with a pint of the brewery’s Don’t Haze the Hoff IPA, English Sporting Beer, or more from a list of about a dozen brews.

2137 W Walnut Street; (312) 361 - 1176 or

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