We Found It: The Coolest Gift for the Home Chef in Your Life

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They’ve got the slicing, the dicing and the mandoline technique down pat. They know how to wield a soufflé torch and perhaps have even made a bûche de noël. But the one thing that takes any home chef a lot more time and patience to master? Nailing the cadence of cooking an entire meal at one time.

See, it’s all about timing, which is a tough cookie to crack when you’re multitasking on a deadline. But this holiday season, we’ve found the kitchen tool that solves that piece of the pie: The Yummly® Smart Thermometer, which also happens to make a fantastic gift.

It’s a meat thermometer; sounds simple enough, right? But the smart, wireless, app-based features are what make this one so much more than just a temp-teller. First, the magnetic smart dock charges the thermometer for cook times up to 24 hours. Then, you can select an assisted cooking program from the connected app to help take the guesswork out of cooking most cuts of meat, fish and poultry just the way you want them. Built-in timers and alerts mean balancing multiple dishes is no longer the hard part—they tell you exactly when to flip the food, adjust the heat, and when to let it rest.

All that is made possible by the fact that the Yummly Smart Thermometer is completely wireless and Bluetooth-connected. You can even keep tabs on your cooking from 150 feet away with the Yummly app on your phone or tablet. Your home chef will no longer be chained to the oven, which is a blessing, because some days multitasking looks like pouring wine. Or dressing a toddler. Or, you know, just sitting down for a beat.

It’s the kind of gift that spans the cooking spectrum too. Maybe it’s for your brother who considers himself an amateur pitmaster, or maybe it’s for your dad who self-identifies as a pan-seared salmon pro. Does your S.O. burn the Christmas ham every year? Maybe it’s an ideal gift for them.

No matter which lucky home chef gets to open up this smart thermometer, one thing’s for sure: They’ll really be opening up the gift of peace of mind, of getting the results they’re looking for, of even more confident cooking…and if you just so happen to reap the benefits, so be it.

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