Chrissy Teigen's ‘Octopus Hot Dogs’ Are a Total Hit with Her Kids—Here’s How to Copy Them

While mom of two Chrissy Teigen is making croissant-crusted French onion soup and sizzling seafood broth for a more mature palette, she still has to cater to her adorable children. And, as she proved Sunday, the multi-hyphenate model-chef-author-personality knows exactly how to speak to her kids through food. Presenting: the octopus hot dog.

In a Twitter video Teigen posted on May 17, the Cravings author captured her kids Luna, 4, and Miles, 2, thoroughly enjoying their hot dogs, which had been ingeniously carved to have eight “legs” like our favorite under-the-sea, soft-bodied, muliti-limbed mollusc. When Miles requests “more ketchup,” Teigen passes over the dish but warns, “You can't just eat that, though; you have to actually eat the hot dog.” Dipped in the beloved condiment, Miles does actually eat the hot dog, to which Teigen responds, “What a hit!” (Getting your kids to “octopus”? What are you? A miracle worker?)

*Parents with picky eaters immediately drop what they were doing to figure out this octopus hot dog thing.* Don't worry, we explain. (And it's super easy.)

How to make an octopus hot dog:

1. Leaving 1 to 2 inches at the top, cut the hot dog in half length-wise.

2. Cut these two parts in half length-wise again.

3. Now, cut the four “legs” in half length-wise, and you'll have eight octopus legs.

4. Boil or grill per instructions.

5. Serve up the Chrissy way with pickles, French fries and plenty of ketchup.


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