The UK’s #1 Cheddar Is Coming to America

cathedral city cheddar hero

Calling all Anglophiles: If, like us, you count cheese as one of your four main food groups (along with pasta, bread and wine), you’ll be excited to hear there’s a new cheddar in town...all the way from across the pond.

Yep, Cathedral City® Cheddar Cheese (which is made by the only cheddar producer to hold the coveted Royal Warrant, meaning the cheddar is supplied to Her Majesty The Queen's Royal Household) just launched in the United States.

The beloved British brand is releasing three varietals here in the U.S.: Mature Cheddar, a smooth, mellow and hugely versatile variety that’s deeply comforting; Extra Mature Cheddar, with a firm texture and rich yet creamy flavor with every bite and matured for 14 months; and Vintage, a beautifully balanced, full-bodied, smooth yet crunchy cheese with an intensely long-lasting flavor that’s matured for a whopping 20 months. 

All three cheeses are made from the milk of cows raised on farms in South West England's richest fields, following the same secret recipe that Cathedral City Cheese has used for over 50 years at its award-winning creamery.

So whether it’s as a happy hour accoutrement (because who doesn’t love cheese that has a story?), as a Thanksgiving side of macaroni or as a midnight snack (hey, no judgement here), Cathedral City Cheese should be added to your grocery list stat. The brand will be available in more than 5,000 stores nationwide by the holidays (including select Albertsons, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Price Chopper, Food Lion, ShopRite and Piggly Wiggly stores).

Now, as for whether you should wear white gloves and ring a tiny silver bell while the cheddar is served? Totally up to you.


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