Sure, you know all about the cronut. But get ready for the next dessert craze, a transparent (and calorie-free!) confection that’s coming all the way to the U.S. from Japan this spring.

It’s called the Japanese raindrop cake (or mizu shingen mochi in Japanese) and it gets its name not just from its clear and bubble-like appearance, but also from its ingredients which include a mix of mineral water and agar, a.k.a. the vegan alterative to gelatin. Apparently, it tastes mostly like water, but the texture makes you feel like you’re actually eating dessert. (OK, and you can also sprinkle it with sugar to up the sweetness, if you like.)

New York-based foodie Darren Wong is unveiling it in New York this spring at Smorgasburg, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it landed at other U.S. bakeries soon after that.

Get it while it’s hot…before it evaporates.

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