This Viral Cake Cutting Hack Will Either Wow or Horrify You

The Internet gifted us countless food hacks this year, from hulling strawberries with a straw to juicing lemons without getting your hands sticky (or a single seed in the bowl). But this newly viral cake cutting hack is arguably the most genius of them all…or the most horrifying. Instead of using a knife, the hack suggests using wine glasses.

Here’s how it works. Once the candles are blown out and removed (P.S., you might want to look into buying a cake shield before blowing your germs all over your next birthday cake…just sayin’), every guest simply takes their wine glass, pushes it through the cake and scoops a “slice” for themselves. No knife necessary.

We have to give credit where credit is due. We love that the glass doubles as a knife and serving plate, and if you use sturdy disposable cups instead, you could even get out of washing a million dirty glasses once the party ends. It also allows everyone to take exactly the amount of cake they want, instead of the birthday person needing to field orders (“just a reaaaally tiny sliver for me, please!”) from across the room.

Nevertheless, there’s also something slightly nightmarish about the asymmetrical hunk of cake that’s left over once everyone has taken their piece that gives our left brain the heebie-jeebies. And if an overexcited guest scoops too vigorously and chips or breaks the glass…well, you get the picture. But despite its potential hazards, this hack is pretty damn hypnotizing to watch.

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