Boost by Kroger Plus Is TikTok’s Secret Hack for Saving Time and Money on Grocery Shopping

We all have those weeks: You’re swamped with work or family obligations and every day you seem to look at the clock and think, it’s 6pm—already? They also tend to coincide with the weeks the refrigerator is as barren as the Sahara. And hey, no matter how busy we are, a girl’s gotta eat. (Not to mention a girl’s partner, kids, roommates…the list goes on.)

Luckily, TikTok has come through for us yet again. The newest shopping hack on our feeds is none other than a grocery membership that’ll save your day—and your wallet. It’s called Boost by Kroger Plus, and for as low as $59 a year, you’ll get 1) free next-day grocery delivery 2) two times the fuel points and 3) plenty more savings on all your favorite Kroger products.

On a budget? (Who isn’t.) Creators like thegleasonco use Boost by Kroger Plus to save time and money on grocery shopping at all of Kroger’s family of stores. Not only does it take less than a minute to sign up, but there are also tons of exclusive offers and up to $100 savings on specialty brands.

And as @crittersimpfood points out, with Boost by Kroger Plus, you can get two times the fuel points and up to $1 off per gallon on your next fill-up at the pump. With the current gas prices, that’s a major perk.

If you’re wondering what to make for dinner, foodies like @ketorecipes and @chloeranshaw use their convenient Boost membership to save on everything they need for low-carb salads and sticky lemongrass chicken wings—plus they can get it delivered right to their doors.

With all these benefits, your membership pays for itself on day one. Check out Boost by Kroger Plus to learn more and start saving.

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