5 Better Snacks to Smack Down Holiday Stress, Whenever It Hits

Sending gifts to all 35 of your family members…by mail. Overseeing your kid’s class holiday party…on Zoom. Dealing with your mother…who hasn’t stopped complaining that you’re not coming home this year. There are many reasons to stress during the holidays, but this year is especially taxing. One thing that shouldn’t bring you stress? Your food cravings, thanks to these five snacks that’ll keep you satisfied and help you enjoy a much needed break.

greek gods honey greek style yogurt
Greek Gods®

8 A.m. Elevate Breakfast Toast With Honey Yogurt

Spent too much time doom-scrolling on Instagram last night and feeling a bit of the holiday blues this morning? Turn your day around by kicking it off with a fancier than normal breakfast. Instead of your average buttered toast, spread a dollop of Greek Gods® Honey Greek Style Yogurt on your favorite bread and top with granola and berries. Who’s having FOMO now?

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12 P.m. Jazz Up Your Lunch With Terra Chips

You’re not even hosting this year, yet your holiday to-do list seems to keep piling up. And when you’re busy, mindless eating can sneak in fast. Instead of handfuls of regular chips for lunch, take it up a notch and pair a sandwich with a bag of Terra® chips. Made with real vegetables like sweet potatoes, taro and parsnip, Terra chips are crisped and seasoned to perfection (aka they taste great). Plus, did you know sweet potatoes are known to help curb stress as they’re high in mood enhancers like vitamin B6 and magnesium? The more you know.

veggie straws sea salt

3 P.m. Keep Your Kids Occupied With Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws

The kids are done with homeschool for the holiday break, but you still have two more meetings before you can call it a day. Reach for Sensible Portions® Garden Veggie Straws. They’re the perfect snack to keep kids entertained and happy (and most importantly…out of your hair). We love the classic sea salt, but for an adult-friendly spin with a spicy kick try the straws in the new Screamin’ Hot flavor.

6:30 P.m. Create ‘walkable Nachos’ For Dinner

It’s been one of those days, and cooking a big dinner just isn’t in the cards. Instead, you’re thinking a family holiday movie and make-your-nachos night. It’s times like these when stocking up on bags of Garden of Eatin’® Blue Corn Tortilla Chips is key—you can feel good about serving them to your family because they’re made with organic corn. To make these personal nachos, simply open a 1.5 ounce bag of chips and layer on your desired amounts of shredded cheese and queso. Add a small handful of diced tomatoes⁠ and a spoonful of sour cream and guacamole. P.S. If you bought a large bag of Garden of Eatin’® Blue Corn Tortilla Chips, small sandwich bags work just as well.

8 P.m. Look To Almond Butter For Dessert

You probably think that almond butter should be saved for lunchtime, but it actually makes a tasty dessert. Simply dip some chocolate covered pretzels into MaraNatha® Creamy Almond Butter (or even eat by the spoonful). It will keep you a whole lot more satisfied than that holiday cookie you were eyeing.

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