The 9 Best New Restaurants in Dallas Right Now

Just because a restaurant is new, does not mean a restaurant is hot. These Dallas-area establishments are all fresh on the food scene and causing quite a stir—for good reason! Whether you have a hankering for steak, ceviche or Peking duck, here are the best new restaurants in Dallas worth booking a table at ASAP.

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1. Anchor Sushi Bar

  • Location: 6025 Royal Lane (Preston Hollow) and 3130 Knox Street (Knox District)

Sushi, martinis and a bougie yacht club. Hey, Vandelay Hospitality is just giving the people of Dallas what they want. But seriously, this stunning sushi concept is the hottest reservation to catch in Preston Hollow right now. Start with a lychee martini and then get the party started with a Lala roll which consists of cucumber wrapped salmon, crab, tuna, Hamachi and avocado. The miso seabass or the A5 Japanese Waygu are amongst the house specialties that will keep you coming back for me. Not able to score a reservation? A second Anchor Sushi Bar recently popped up in the Knox District and has a first-come, first-serve situation.

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2. Via Triozzi

  • Location: 1806 Greenville Avenue

Owner and executive chef Leigh Hutchinson has opened a true gem on Greenville that is serving up pasta made in house daily, including mouthwatering tagliatelle with ragù Bolognese and lasagne al forno. Named after a street in Scandicci, a beautiful town outside of Florence, this Sicilian-American has poured her heart and soul into creating this space that she says will leave you feeling “coddled, taken care of, well fed and even transported.” Well twist my arm (and while you’re at it pour me a Dirty Martino from the bar).

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3. Maison Chinoise

  • Location: 4152 Cole Avenue #106

Modern and traditional Chinese cuisine combine at Maison where dim sum, dumplings and regional specialties are all on the menu. We recently sampled the Peking Duck, Wok Fried Lamb Shoulder, Alaskan King Crab Salad, and house made dumplings, all of which were delicious—particularly when downed with creative cocktails like Chino’s Punch and Szechuan Sauce. Ready thy Instagram—the food looks as good as it tastes.

Photo by S Reynolds

4. Stillwell’s Steakhouse and Bar

  • Location: 2575 McKinnon Street

Located inside of the red-hot Hôtel Swexan, this sexy steakhouse serves Harwood Premium Beef that is locally-raised prime graded Akaushi cattle. Start your meal with caviar service, grilled oysters or roasted bone marrow before selecting a piece of beef. Not a steak girlie? There are a variety of other proteins in addition to drool-inducing sides. Think: loaded baked potatoes, baked mac and cheese, and jumbo onion rings. In a world that is constantly trying to reinvent the wheel, can we all agree that we NEVER want steakhouse sides to change?

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5. Mister Charles

  • Location: 3219 Knox Street, Suite 170

Duro Hospitality delivered this exceptional eatery to the Dallas dining community over the summer and no restaurant has been able to quite keep up with its hype since. And how could you with its 38-foot ceilings and a mic drop design job by Sees Design? Located in the former Highland Park Soda Fountain building, the food, a mix of Italian and French, is fantastic and the wine list is lovely. But the best thing about this place is the fact that in a city full of high-end dining, it’s refreshingly unique. Put this on the top of your list for a special occasion and get that reservation early.

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6. Gemma

  • Location: 2323 N Henderson Avenue #109

This beloved neighborhood bistro is back after brief pause for a menu and dining room refresh. People go nuts for the plats du jour (don’t sleep on Saturday’s veal chop Milanese) and the duck fat tater tots, but our favorite dish is the ceviche featuring shrimp and mahi-mahi, lech de tigre, avocado, and Fresno served with sweet potato chips.

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7. Pearl

  • Location: 4640 McKinney Avenue #130

Chef Shine Tamaoki is encouraging guests to try new flavors with his tastefully progressive approach to traditional Japanese dining. And while sushi is a star here (there is even a dedicated sushi window for takeout), we are intrigued by some of the hot dishes like the fried Japanese oyster and the Japanese fish and chips.

Photo by Kathy Tran

8. Lyla

  • Location: 3309 McKinney Avenue

Mediterranean chic is the vibe of this Uptown eatery that is offering its patrons pizzas, pastas, crudos, salads and more. With its simple yet cheery decor, we can't think of a better place to kick back and relax while sipping cocktails and sharing bites with friends. We are predicting this is going to be the hot spot for brunch in 2024 with its lengthily list of cocktails and menu that ranges from breakfast pizza to tiramisu French toast.

Le Margot

9. Le Margot

  • Location: 3150 S Hulen Street, Fort Worth

And last but certainly not least, Fort Worth has a new restaurant that is as delicious as it is beautiful. This French restaurant by Far Out Hospitality features an unexpectedly colorful yet cozy interior in a random shopping center and is the perfect place to stop in for a quick bite before a concert at Dickies Arena. Stand out menu options include the arancini, butternut squash risotto with lobster, and the hot fudge profiteroles. Bon appétit.

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