The Best Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles for Dishing up a Healthy Meal in 6 Minutes or Less

Your resolve to cook healthy meals every night might flag, and that’s OK. Sometimes we all want to kick off our shoes, watch some Schitt’s Creek and enjoy dinner without a big whoop-de-do of prep and cleanup. So here are four meal delivery services in Los Angeles with delicious dishes, all ready in less time than it takes you to Google “how do you mince garlic?”

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best meal delivery sevices los angeles model meal chopsticks
Model Meals

1. Best For: Meat-eaters

If you haven’t gone Whole30 (the clean-eating diet that has people raving about their clearer skin, higher energy levels and looser jeans), Model Meals may entice you to give it a shot. All of their meals are Whole30-approved, meaning they are grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free—and, shockingly, anything but flavor-free. Our favorites include the carrot zucchini fritters with yolky egg, bacon strips and tahini dill sauce for breakfast, the sweet potato nachos with 100 percent grass-fed short rib and cashew queso for lunch (you’ll be thinking about the “cheese sauce” on it for days afterward) and the pasture-raised chicken tacos al carbon for dinner (using jicama for a taco shell is genius). They recommend you either heat your meal on the stove or in the oven, although they offer microwave instructions as well. Their specific cooking instructions give you that I’m-preparing-a-home-cooked-meal feel without the time commitment needed for meal prep and cleanup like so many meal kit services out there (we’re looking at you, Blue Apron). We like that you can pick and choose your meals, which will be delivered on either Thursday or Monday, on a weekly basis with no subscription or long-term commitment required.

Average Cook Time: 6 Minutes

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best meal delivery service los angeles thistle

2. Best For: Vegetarians

Beyoncé would approve of these plant-based meals from Thistle. We were surprised that eating all day sans meat could be so filling, but we found ourselves stuffed, unable to even finish the entire portion of our Panang Peanut Stir-Fry Bowl! We loved their salads, especially the roasted corn and “bacon” (made from pinto beans) salad, and we’re happy to report that many of the breakfast options are basically dessert (think: mocha oats with coconut latte cream and sprouted brown rice pudding with cardamom). Speaking of treats, there are also healthy snacks available such as the banoffe mousse cup and a cashew cheese plate). You can pick out exactly what dishes appeal to you before you order, and everything is packaged, so you can grab one and take it to go. Meal prep made easy.

Average Cook Time: 2 Minutes

best meal delivery services los angeles kooshi
FAcebook/Kooshi Gourmet

3. Best For: Celebrity-obsessed Dieters

Revenge Body is your favorite show, and you constantly pick up People magazine whenever a new celeb diet is featured on the cover. Kooshi is the meal delivery service that will make you feel like you’re a part of the Hollywood elite. Choose from one of their many meal plans—Keto, Paleo, Detox—or hop on the phone for a consultation if you’d like a custom one, and meals will be delivered daily, for as many days as you select. We were surprised that the seemingly little containers actually held plentiful portions that kept us full throughout the day, especially with the help of the included snacks and juices. The flavorful Amethyst Juice made us believers that beets do have a place in the realm of juice, and the Protein Power Nut Ball felt like a guilty pleasure, even thought it’s just full of good-for-you, natural ingredients. We tried the 1,500-calorie-per-day plan and, even after a grueling morning workout, couldn’t finish all of the allotted meals and snacks. All meals are microwavable, as are the containers they come in, making these ideal if you’ve only got a few minutes before heading out to your next red carpet affair (or, you know, in time for The Bachelor)!

Average Cook Time: 3 Minutes

4. Best For: Those On A Budget

We give big props to this brick-and-mortar business that brings nutritious food to underserved communities and, fortunately for us, also offers a subscription service. Everytable makes both hot and cold fresh restaurant-style meals at fast food prices (think: meals that start at $5 with most costing $5 to $7). Some of our favorite include the buffalo chicken wrap with crunchy veggies and gorgonzola cheese, the sweet chili tofu with ginger-scallion rice and chicken tinga with lentils, quinoa, black beans and a chayote mix. You can pick-up your subscription order in-store for free or pay less than $5 for delivery if you live within a five-mile radius of any store.

Average Cook Time: 2.5 Minutes