The Absolute Best French Fries in Chicago

“Would you like fries with that?” We can never say no to those six little words, especially when we happen to be at one of these nine places.

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Belgian Fries At Frietkoten Belgian Fries & Beer

Forget waffles—fries are the real Belgian claim to fame. This version, served in a traditional paper cone at Chicago French Market, are perfectly crisp on the outside, slightly soft on the inside. Dunk ’em in your choice of 12 dipping sauces (we’re partial to the harissa aioli).

131 N. Clinton St.; 312-575-0306 or

Crispy Fries With Mornay Sauce, Garlic Aioli & Fried Farm Egg At Au Cheval

It would just be wrong for Chicago’s reigning burger champ to fall short on fries. But Au Cheval does not disappoint with its creamy, cheddar-based Mornay sauce, farm egg and side of aioli. Cheese fries—elevated.

800 W. Randolph St.; 312-929-4580 or

grange hall
Grange Hall Burger Bar/Facebook

Garlic Parmesan Old-fashioned Waffle Fries At Grange Hall Burger Bar

Asking us if we prefer waffle fries to classic frites is like asking us to pick a favorite child. But if we had to choose our favorite waffle fries in the city, we’d have no problem picking Grange Hall. We love the way the little nooks and crannies catch all that garlicky, Parmesan deliciousness.

844 W. Randolph St.; 312-491-0844 or

Fries With Merkts Cheddar At Benjyehuda

Last we checked, fries are not necessarily a staple of Middle Eastern fare, but this shawarma haven nails it. They’re cut a little thicker and fried to the perfect consistency. Cheddar dip on the side means you can control your cheese intake (more is generally better).

Multiple locations;

Kimchi Fries At Bopngrill

There’s something about the way the acidity of the kimchi cuts into the buttery flavor of the basically knocks us over. And we haven’t even gotten to the cheese, bacon and scallions yet.

Multiple locations;

Angry Fries With Chili Powder And Spicy Mayo At Dmk Burger Bar

These fries may be called angry, but we are definitely not mad—not when chili powder and spicy mayo are part of the package. Dip them in a chocolate shake and you've got sweet and salty at its best.

Multiple locations;

Foie Gras And Fries Big & Little’s

It seems only fitting to go big at a place called BIG and little’s. That’s why we order the fries topped with the most decadent thing on the menu. We love it...more than just a little.

Multiple locations;

Pommes Frites With Garlic Aioli At Hopleaf

Does anything pair better than a Belgian beer and a cone of Belgian fries? These shoestring-style taters are just the right size. We love them dipped in garlic aioli or the tomato-y mussel broth.

5148 N. Clark St.; 773-334-9851 or

Fresh Cut Fries At Fatso’s Last Stand

This humble burger stand hand-cuts its potatoes fresh every day. For $1.25 extra, get them with Vern’s cheddar—drool.

2258 W. Chicago Ave.; 773-245-3287 or

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