4 Things You Should Always Buy at Wegmans (and 3 You Shouldn’t)

Congrats! You live within driving distance of a Wegmans (we’re so damn jealous). But before you load up your cart with s’mores ice cream and eggplant parm ravioli, we’ve got the lowdown on the must-have items and the ones you can totally skip.

4 Things You Should Buy at Trader Joe's (and 3 You Shouldn’t)

wegmans chicken
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Buy: Oven-roasted Chicken

It’s Monday night and you have no time to cook. No prob—grab a pre-roasted chicken, whip up a quick salad and dinner is served. Best of all, at about $5 a pop, they’re affordable and feed the entire family.

wegmans pizza
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Skip: Pizza

You might end up with a halfway decent slice, but the quality of Wegmans' made-in-house pizza varies from store to store. And at about $3 a slice, it’s not exactly a steal, either. Stick with your local pizza joint.

wegmans cheese

Buy: Cheese

The incredible selection alone is worth the trip—but the icing on the cake? Wegmans has its own cheese cave, where it stores and ages all its cheeses. It’s a climate-controlled building that mimics the European cheese aging process, and has a room just for Brie. (We want to go to there.)

Skip: Berries

Grabbing a crate of Wegmans’ blackberries or raspberries is fine in a pinch, but they aren’t any cheaper than at a traditional grocery store. If you can, you’re better off getting them in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club, where you get twice as many for around the same price.

Buy: Seafood

All of the fish at Wegmans is sustainably sourced. The store frequently carries fish from local suppliers, and the wild salmon and halibut is shipped to Wegmans within 24 hours of being caught. Whoa, so fresh.

Skip: Conventional Produce

If you’re looking for a deal, you won’t find the cheapest produce at Wegmans. You will, however, find an amazing selection of reasonably priced organic produce, so stock up. (And you’ll zip through the line twice as fast if you weigh it yourself before you get up to the checkout line.)

wegmans peppers
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Buy: Hatch Chile Peppers

Every August and September, these New Mexico chile peppers are featured at most Wegmans stores throughout the U.S. They’re tangy and sweet with just the right amount of kick, whether you’re putting them in chili, guac or salads. Get 'em while they’re hot.

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