The 9 Best 24-Hour Restaurants in Los Angeles

No matter if you’re a night owl with cravings for Mexican or an early bird who wants an omelet before sunrise, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best 24-hour restaurants in Los Angeles. And in this town, that’s not always easy to find. With the potential for some cities like West Hollywood to expand their bar hours from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., late-night eats may become more in demand than ever. At the moment, however, they are few and far between, but we’ve done the grunt work and gathered nine great ones for you to visit.

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24 hour restaurants in la Canters Deli

1. Canter’s Deli

This traditional Jewish deli has all the hits—potato pancakes, meat-filled sandwiches and matzoh ball soup. Even if it’s 4 a.m., you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner here. And, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, there’s an entire bakery where you can order slices of cake, black & white cookies, rugalah and more. This institution in the Fairfax district has been around since 1931. You may recognize its classic red booths and stained glass ceilings from some of the many television shows and movies that have been filmed here—Entourage, Mad Men and The Disaster Artist, to name a few. Maybe you’ll spot a drunk celebrity after a night out, or a famous comedian after their set at one of the clubs nearby. Or, a spillover from The Kibitz Room, the quirky and cozy bar owned by and adjacent to Canter’s.

419 N. Fairfax Ave; 323-651-2030

24 hour restaurants in la Sun Nong Dan

2. Sun Nong Dan

Koreatown, no surprise here, has an abundance of Korean BBQ joints. But, there’s only one that is open 24 hours and that’s Sun Nong Dan. Increasingly unique is their use of cheese atop their most sought-after dish, galbi-jjim. Galbi-jjim consists of braised beef short ribs that come piled high on a cast iron plate, along with chewy rice cakes, vegetables, potatoes and a spicy sauce. Their variety of soups are also a crowd favorite, since sometimes, late at night, it can be cold here in LA! This strip mall restaurant is relatively small so try not to bring the whole after party with you.

710 S. Western Ave; 213-365-9005

24 hour restaurants in la Los Tacos 1

3. Los Tacos

If you’re out in West Hollywood past midnight, we’re guessing you’ve either been dancing, drinking or both. So, you’ve likely built up an appetite and this small strip mall taco spot can help. They’ve got all the classics and it’s never too soon to start soaking up the alcohol from your soon-to-be hangover. From large burritos to enchiladas smothered in chili sauce and cheese, this one really hits the spot…especially when it’s the only spot around!

24 hour restaurants in la Crispy Pork Gang
Crispy Pork Gang/Facebook

4. Crispy Pork Gang

If Thai food is your late-night (or really, all day) desire, head to this spot in East Hollywood’s Thai town. This is solid Thai food; we suggest you order the crispy pad Thai which comes with shrimp, chicken and crispy pork. Late-night vegetarians may find getting food challenging, but this spot also has lots of vegetarian dishes available, and the fried rice options are endless. If you can get here during the daytime, they offer affordable lunchtime specials, starting at just $6. And if you happen to live in the area, they also offer delivery 24 hours a day.

5253 Hollywood Blvd; 323-465-9796

5. Western Bagel

The employees who work in bagel stores typically start their days very early, but at the Van Nuys location of this city-wide chain, customers can also begin their days (or end their nights) before the sun rises. As far as bagels go, they’re probably the best amongst the bigger chains. Get your classic bagel flavors and combos or try something a bit more unique like their pizza bagel (great if you’re still on dinner food) or their cinnamon crunch bagel.

7814 Sepulveda Blvd; 818-786-5847

24 hour restaurants in la The Original Pantry

6. The Original Pantry

If you find yourself starving after attending a concert at, pop around the corner to this Los Angeles diner that’s been open since 1924 and is a registered Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument. It has the traditional feel of an old-school diner with swivel countertop seating and servers wearing retro soda jerk paper caps. Both their breakfast and dinner menu are available all day. Breakfast includes all your basics—egg combos, omelets, pancakes and French toast. Dinner is again not the most inventive, but if you’re craving comfort food, you’ll find something here, be it spaghetti and meatballs or grilled ham and cheese. Daytime hours can often mean standing in a line around the block, but if you’re rolling in at the wee hours of the night, you’ll likely avoid a wait. That being said, since the pandemic, they have given up their 24-hour status, yet their late hours were still worth including in our roundup. They are open Wednesday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. and on weekends from 7 a.m. to 5 a.m.

877 South Figueroa St; 213-972-9279

24 hour restaurants in la Original Tommys Hamburgers
Original Tommy’s Hamburgers

7. Original Tommy’s Hamburgers

While In N’ Out Burger is the crowd favorite amongst fast-food burger chains, it’s sadly not open 24 hours. So, if you’re craving that type of food, head to this similar spot, whose West Beverly location stays open all day and night long. The food is cheap and hearty. Try the chili on a hamburger, hotdog or even a tamale. If you’re ready for breakfast, they also have a breakfast burrito and sausage & egg sandwiches available. Order from the window and then be ready to sit on a curb if the spot is busy with late-night partygoers.

2575 West Beverly Blvd; 213-389-9060

8. NORMS Restaurant

We’re noticing a trend between longevity and 24-hour establishments because this diner, too, has been open for a loooong time (since 1949). If you’re really hungry and can’t seem to find anything in your own fridge, you may end up at this so-so diner on La Cienega. Or maybe you’ve just enjoyed a show with a date at The Largo, and don’t want the evening to end. The food here is cheap and the servers are always friendly. The menu is also quite large; there are tons of breakfast options, greasy bar foods, sandwiches, salads and full-on dinner meals—hey, if you want a grilled salmon filet at 4 a.m., more power to you! There’s also easy parking in their lot, which whenever in WeHo, is always a plus.

470 N. La Cienega Blvd; 310-657-8333

9. The Kettle

This Southbay institution can’t be missed; the large black kettle hanging on the porch of this place literally makes it stand out amongst the shops and restaurants on Manhattan Beach Boulevard. In a place where restaurants are constantly changing, this one has been a staple in the beachy community since 1973. They’ve got a large menu featuring tons of fare that is bound to satisfy whatever you’re craving. There is some New Orleans cuisine woven throughout the menu; the French Market Onion Soup is a standout, and their Crab Cake Po Boy is another good option. There’s also an extensive breakfast menu and you can expect somewhat of a wait for weekend brunches. They’re only open until 11:30 p.m. on weekdays, but stay open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, when you’d need ‘em the most.

1138 Highland Ave; 310-545-8511

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