The 10 Most Beautiful Restaurants in New York City

Farmhouse chic or glorious gothic?

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Hey, you, eating that premade Pret sandwich on the 4 train: Don’t you know that’s a cardinal NYC sin? Save your meals for above ground--it’s a much better dining aesthetic. Or if you really want to go all out, why not eat at one of the ten most gorgeously designed restaurants in New York City? It’s a far cry from a subway dinner, and we have a feeling your eyes will appreciate the change.

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Milk and Roses

Milk And Roses

Visiting this café and wine bar will make you think you’ve stepped into a quaint Italian B&B. Eat gingersnap pancakes in the greenhouse or sip tea near the library, and you’ll feel like a tourist in your own city. Viva l'Italia.

1110 Manhattan Ave. (at Clay St.), Brooklyn; 718-389-0160 or

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Gabriel Kreuther

Gabriel Kreuther

Sometimes you want to feel a little fancy. Or maybe…a lot fancy. And what could be grander than dining on French quail as you gaze out the window at Bryant Park? A platinum ceiling, reclaimed timber from a Vermont barn and floating crystal storks, perhaps?

41 W. 42nd St. (at Sixth Ave.); 212-257-5826 or

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This space was made for Instagramming at brunch, but the evening transformation takes a turn for the gloriously gothic. Caviar service and candelabras, anyone?

463 W. Broadway (at W. Houston); 212-254-3000 or

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Time Out New York

Abc Kitchen

Brunching at ABC Kitchen is like visiting an airy, upscale farmhouse. It’s tucked inside ABC Carpet & Home, and you while you take in all the amazing rustic-chicness happening around you, we also suggest the crab toast.

35 E. 18th St. (at Broadway); 212-475-5829 or

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The New York Times


Step into glass-walled Santina, with its bright open layout, indoor potted palms and tropical flowers, and you’ll forget all about the hordes of tourists right outside. It’s like eating inside a Wes Anderson movie.

820 Washington St. (at Gansevoort St.); 212-254-3000 or

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Bathe in the warm glow of an entire wall of preserved lemons while you nosh on elevated comfort food. It's what foodie dreams are made of. Mmm, beef tartare with puffed farro and egg yolk…

345 Park Ave. S. (at 26th St.); 212-686-1006 or

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JoJo Restaurant

Jojo Restaurant

Who hasn’t strolled down a New York City block wistfully wishing for a brownstone to call your very own? While you’re waiting for that windfall, try the next best thing at JoJo Restaurant, a two-story turn-of-the-century townhouse with that lavish old-wealth charm.

160 E. 64th St. (at Lexington Ave.); 212-223-5656 or

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The Nomad

The Nomad

Dark mahogany. Red velvet curtains. Hell, red velvet everything. If you’ve ever fantasized about dining in a castle a la Beauty and the Beast (of course you have), this upscale spot inside the NoMad Hotel won’t disappoint.

1170 Broadway (at 28th St.); 212-796-1500 or

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The Breslin

The Breslin

Long tables covered in butcher paper and reclaimed-wood flooring make this restaurant inside the Ace Hotel a cozy spot to sample some hearty British fare. And when it comes to the suckling pig…you must.

16 W. 29th St. (at Broadway); 212-679-1939 or

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Bodega Negra

Bodega Negra

Whoa, did we just step into some eccentric tequila tycoon’s basement? Barrels of booze and vintage guitars line the walls of this sultry and mysterious spot. It’s perfect for those evenings when you want to unleash your inner senorita.

355 W. 16th St. (at Ninth Ave.); 212-229-2336 or