Lights, Camera, Hydration! Sydney Sweeney Partners with Bai® on a New Flavor You’ll Love

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She’s the woman of the moment, so naturally we want to know what she’s wearing, applying, eating and drinking at all times. Yes, we’re talking about Sydney Sweeney, the young starlet who is everywhere right now. How does she manage it all? We’re pretty sure it’s got something to do with her love of Bai® daily hydration and her just-launched flavor, Bai® Raspberry Lemon Lime with no artificial sweeteners and only one gram of sugar.

Fun fact: Sweeney grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in the panhandle of Idaho, where raspberries are abundant. So bottling up the fruit with a citrus twist felt like a no brainer. Read on for more reasons why we love Bai’s newest flavor combo, and a link to grab some yourself.

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The Details:

Bai has added Sweeney’s Raspberry Lemon Lime flavor to its already packed lineup. As like other Bai bevies, this hydrating yet delicious drink is antioxidant-infused and has electrolytes. It’s also got Zinc and Vitamin C (or Vitamin E in coconut varieties) that help support a healthy immune system. In addition to the only one gram of sugar we mentioned earlier, there’s only 10 calories per 100-percent recycled plastic bottle (excluding cap and label).

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The Bottom Line:

Need an antioxidant and vitamin-infused, refreshing drink that's approved by ultimate cool-girl Sydney Sweeney? Right this way.

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