All the Places Dallasites Don't Want the Tourists to Know About

Your hush-hush guide to eating like a local

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From speakeasies to a no-frills diner, Dallas has a crop of restaurants and bars that really don’t care to advertise. Why? Because their loyal patrons don’t want tourists crowding their favorite haunts. Behold our list of some of Dallas’s best secret dining and drinking establishments.

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Atwater Alley

Thursday through Saturday, 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., you can try to find this speakeasy by first heading to the not-so-secret Henry’s Majestic restaurant. If you’re lucky, you’ll be led to a table in the intimate den to enjoy a carefully crafted cocktail…or two.


High & Tight

The barbershop thing is no ruse--this spot is a fully functioning hair cuttery that just so happens to house a kick-ass bar. While the drinks are wonderful (we suggest the Charlie Chaplin), we have to advise against downing a few and then deciding to get a whole new hairdo.

Truth & Alibi

Masked as a candy store, this slightly more upscale speakeasy requires a password. But don’t worry, it’s usually given out on Facebook. You can even make a reservation if you don’t want to fight for a table.

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Jimmy's Food Store

It is well known that this deli serves up the best sandwiches in the city. But did you know there’s a tiny dining room in the back where you can actually enjoy your meal? You’re welcome.

Urbano Cafe

It may not look like a lot from the outside, but this tiny East Dallas establishment is almost always packed. Order the special--whatever it is--and remember to BYOB.

Grange Hall

If you’ve always wanted to buy something from the mysterious and lavish Grange Hall shop, now’s your chance--the owners recently started serving lunch. While the $25 snob sandwich-- salmon and egg with crème fraîche and caviar--isn’t exactly a cheap midday meal, it’s definitely more affordable than walking out with this.

The Balcony Club

Hidden amongst the lights of the Lakewood Theater, you’ll find this little watering hole filled with local patrons and old-school drinks. Not sure it’s actually open? Listen for the faint sound of jazz music.

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Hidden in plain sight, Louie’s doesn’t look like much, but it’s packed every night because of itsgreat food. While it’s known for its pizza, we can’t help but recommend the steak and potatoes.The service isn’t great, but that’s all part of this place’s charm.

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