9 Healthy Ways to Eat Toast for Every Meal

All about that base

Toast: It sounds so basic, so boring, so “the kind of food you eat when you’ve got a stomach bug and it’s 7 degrees outside.” Well, not so fast there, missy. Here, nine toast ideas that are downright exciting.

Toast + Avocado + Pomegranate + Feta

Sweet pomegranate and crumbly feta pair perfectly with creamy avo and crunchy bread.

Toast + Cheddar + Scrambled Egg + Pancetta

Like a breakfast sammie--just open-faced.

Toast + Ricotta + Strawberry + Honey

Satisfy your sweet tooth--without turning to anything processed.

Toast + Almond Butter + Banana + Granola

Add a sprinkle of granola to this classic combo for extra crunch.

Toast + Hummus + Edamame + Feta

Who says you can’t have toast for lunch?

Toast + Fig Jam + Sliced Brie + Sliced Apple

Don't have fig jam in your pantry? Pretty much any jam or jelly will do.

Toast + Cream Cheese + Smoked Salmon + Cucumber

It’s basically a bagel, minus the guilt.

Toast + Goat Cheese + Walnuts + Honey +thyme

Eat it for breakfast with a glass of OJ or for lunch with a side of greens.

Toast + Fried Egg + Kale + Hot Sauce

Sriracha and kale. Well, aren’t you trendy?