7 Drinks with 3 Ingredients or Less

Introducing the Lazy Gal's Guide to Cocktails

Craft cocktails are delicious, but we’ll leave them to the pros. When we’re entertaining at home, there’s no way we’re doing all that muddling, pureeing, pickling, steeping, slicing--it’s a drink, not an episode of Iron Chef. Here are our seven go-to cocktails that use three ingredients or less.

aperol spritz

Aperol Spritz

What it is: A mild pink drink that Italians sip whenever, wherever.

How to make it: 2 shots Prosecco + 1 shot Aperol + splash of sparkling water. Pour into an ice-filled glass. Stir.

Ambitious garnish: Drop in an orange wedge if you’re feeling festive.

dirty martini

Dirty Martini

What it is: The strong, salty drink enjoyed by women and Bond enthusiasts everywhere.

How to make it: 2 ½ shots gin or vodka + ½ shot olive juice (from a jar of olives) + splash of vermouth. Shake with ice, strain into chilled glass.

Ambitious garnish: Olives on a toothpick.



What it is: A boozy classic that’s perfect for making in big batches for a party. Or better yet, frozen and served slushy-style.

How to make it: 1 shot gin + 1 shot sweet red vermouth + 1 shot Campari. Pour into an ice-filled glass. Stir.

Ambitious garnish: Orange twist.

cuba libre

Cuba Libre

What it is: Otherwise known as our favorite college drink: rum and Coke.

How to make it: 2 shots white rum + lime juice + Coca-Cola (not diet). Squeeze some lime juice into a glass, add ice cubes, add rum, add Coke. Stir.

Ambitious garnish: Lime wedge.


Great Gatsby

What it is: A sip of sweet sophistication made popular by this fine Southern spot.

How to make it: 1 shot vodka + 1 shot Lillet Blanc + 1½ ounces fresh grapefruit juice. Pour into an ice-filled glass. Stir.

Ambitious garnish: Orange twist.

southern cocktail


What it is: The only acceptable way to mix bourbon with soda.

How to make it: 1 shot bourbon + good ginger ale + lime wedge. Pour bourbon and ginger ale over ice, stir. Finish with a light squeeze of lime juice.

Ambitious garnish: Lime wedge.

moscow mule

Moscow Mule

What it is: Height of 1950s sophistication.

How to make it: 2 shots vodka + 4 ounces good ginger beer + ½ lime. Squeeze lime into glass, drop wedge in bottom, add ice cubes, vodka and ginger beer. Stir.

Ambitious garnish: Mint leaves.

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