The 5 Best Women’s Rain Jackets on Amazon

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day…preferably after we’ve purchased a fabulous new rain jacket. Just because the forecast calls for showers and thunderstorms (and you left your umbrella at home), you shouldn’t have to suffer through the day in damp clothes. These five jackets are all highly rated, flattering on multiple body types, totally waterproof and they can be on your doorstep in just two short days. Bring it on, rain clouds.

the north face women s resolve jacket

Editors’ Pick: The Northh Face Women's Resolve Jacket

The Facts:

  • Wind resistant and waterproof
  • Adjustable hood that stows away in the collar
  • Great for layering

“I bought a version of this jacket years ago and it’s been serving me well ever since. It’s fantastic for hiking or running because it doesn’t make me overheat, but it’s also a lifesaver for a day spent walking around the city. New York City is often too windy to use an umbrella, so a solid jacket that’s also chic is a must. And if it’s raining in the morning and then beautiful in the afternoon (as is often the case in the spring or fall here), I can just tuck the hood into the collar and won’t look totally out of place.” – Abby Hepworth, associate editor

marmot essential women s lightweight waterproof rain jacket gore tex with paclite technology

Splurge-worthy: Marmot Essential Women's Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket, Gore-tex With Paclite Technology

The Facts:

  • Made from breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX material
  • Longer hem for additional coverage
  • Zippers under the armpits to regulate internal temperatures

If you’re looking to make an investment in a high-quality jacket that’s guaranteed to be waterproof and will last for years to come, then this Marmot number might just be your best bet. GORE-TEX was brilliantly engineered to repel water while keeping you comfortable, so you can really rely on this raincoat. Plus, the longer hem looks less sporty and more city-appropriate than other styles, while also keeping your hips and upper leg dry.

ragemall women s raincoats windbreaker rain jacket waterproof lightweight outdoor hooded trench coats

Best Value: Ragemall Women's Raincoats Windbreaker Rain Jacket Waterproof Lightweight Outdoor Hooded Trench Coats

The Facts:

  • Drawstrings at the waist for an adjustable, flattering fit
  • Detachable hood
  • Waterproof

The sneak peek of the striped liner at the cuffs and the extra-long ties at the waist make this jacket as stylish as it is functional. It also goes up to a size 2X and features a fairly loose silhouette. Yes, this jacket will flatter multiple body types and can also accommodate your thickest sweater on those particularly cold, windy days.

calvin klein women s double breasted rain jacket with hood

Fashion Editor Approved: Calvin Klein Women's Double Breasted Rain Jacket With Hood

The Facts:

  • Comes with a removable hood
  • Machine-washable
  • Water-resistant

This gorgeous dusty blue jacket combines the timeless style of a classic trench coat with the rain-repelling technology of heavy-duty slickers. Multiple shoppers praised the fact that it doesn’t necessarily look like a rain jacket (especially if you opt to remove the hood), making it an excellent choice for vacations where the weather can be a bit unpredictable (hello, Paris in the fall!). Oh, and for those looking for an even more timeless look, it also comes in black.

ezrun women s waterproof hooded rain jacket windbreaker lightweight packable rain coats copy

Best For Travel: Ezrun Women's Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket Windbreaker Lightweight Packable Rain Coats

The Facts:

  • Packs into its own pocket to easily stow in a bag
  • Super lightweight and both water- and wind-resistant
  • Great for outdoor physical activity like running, cycling or hiking

Although this jacket is intended for runners, you can absolutely wear it to take the dog for a walk or to get around the city in an unexpected downpour. The funnel hood can be adjusted with the help of four separate drawstrings to ensure your face (and, more importantly, your hair) is 100 percent protected from inclement weather. There are also additional drawstrings at the waist and elastic at the wrists to further guarantee that not a drop of moisture will somehow find its way under your jacket.



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