This $70 Zara Dress Has Gone Viral…At Least in the PureWow Offices

Just last week I realized that I had bought the same Zara dress as not one, not two, but five of my coworkers. The miracle? So far, not a single one of us have worn it on the same day.

Throwback to that fateful day in August, when I first discovered The Dress: I was doing a piece for PureWow that involved a mini-shopping spree at Zara. Our fashion editor Dena Silver plucked the pink, blue and black floral number from the rack for me to try on and I was immediately impressed by the relaxed fit and the moody pattern. It felt like something I could wear through the end of summer into fall, but also transition into the early months of winter with a dark sweater and tall boots. Better yet, the material is totally wrinkle-free, a win for busy mornings when I have approximately five minutes to get myself dressed.

But really, the best part is that the dress was just $70. For an outfit that practically guarantees multiple wears, that’s as affordable as it gets. (Since I bought it four months ago, I’ve already worn it at least 11 times and counting.)

zara dress gone viral mary kate and cristina1
Courtesy of Cristina Laforgia (left) and Mary Kate McGrath (right)

Fast forward to every stylish woman in my office owning this exact piece, too. First, it was our editor-in-chief who wore this dress to the office with cool, leather sneakers. Next, it was our special events planner—she cinched hers at the waist with a belt. Our receptionist at the front desk wore it with a black leather jacket and bold earrings. One by one, people made what was becoming a copycat style feel totally versatile and 100 percent their own.

The Dress also looks great on different body types. Our editor-in-chief is willowy and tall. I’m petite and still consider myself postpartum. (I had a baby last year.) It also works on a variety of skin tones. I’m pale as a ghost, but the dress doesn’t feel harsh with my coloring; ditto darker skin tones—the neon pink buds really pop without feeling over the top. No matter the person, it’s a universally flattering design. That’s hard to find in a dress, especially one at that price point.

zara dress gone viral sheena1
Courtesy of Sheena Ortiz Berino

Is it still in stock? Yes, but get this Zara dress while you can.

Buy it ($70)

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