VeeFriends Teams up with Designer Kim Shui for ‘Driven Dragon’ Clothing Collection

Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection, VeeFriends, just announced an unlikely partnership with Kim Shui. (And you won’t hear us complaining.)

veefriends diving dragon
Courtesy of VeeFriends

Vaynerchuk recently teamed up with the womenswear designer to launch a brand-new capsule collection inspired by the VeeFriends character Driven Dragon. (VeeFriends is Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection that brings to life drawings of inspiring characters—like Notorious Ninja and Tranquil Toad. Previously, it was only available in digital form.)

The line (which launched on October 7) consists of T-shirts ($55), hoodies ($235) and beanies ($48) that all feature the flying dragon. And since Shui is known for featuring dragons in her work, it seemed like an ideal partnership.

“The Driven Dragon character was my first choice because it spoke to me the most. Drive is the primary component of the motif that I frequently employ in my work because without it, I couldn’t have advanced to where I am now, and that combination just made perfect sense to me,” Shui said, according to ONE37pm. “It’s such a distinctive collection, and I hope that when people wear it, it inspires them and makes them feel more determined, strong, and capable of achieving their goals.”

Vaynerchuk (CEO and creator of VeeFriends) also chimed in, saying, “One of the key strategies and interests for me with VeeFriends is to build collaborations across all genres of the world. Fashion is clearly one of them, and emerging talents that I believe are on the path to superstardom are even more so the things that I’m looking out for. Kim is one of those individuals, and I think if you look at her overall collection and even this specific collaboration, you can see why.” (Vaynerchuk’s company, Vayner X, is the parent company of PureWow.)

The Driven Dragon capsule collection is now available for purchase. *Adds to cart*


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