10 Scarf Outfits to Wear All Winter Long

Scarf season is here and we’re pumped—they add new life to outfits we’re getting tired of and elevate even the most basic look to new heights. But sometimes we’re just not sure if we should be pairing a chunky knit or a gauzy scarf with our boyfriend jeans (decisions, decisions!). When that happens, consult this handy guide of ten scarf outfit ideas to help with styling the most common shapes and materials. 

How to Wear a Scarf



scarf bandana
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1. Wear A Bandanna With Jeans And A T-shirt

Weekend outfit on point. This look works because a.) you probably already have jeans and a T-shirt (and bandannas are super affordable) and b.) it’s almost impossible to mess up. Tuck your tee into your jeans, tie the bandanna loosely around your neck and you’re set.

scarf shortsilk
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2. Wear A Silk Neck Scarf With An Off-the-shoulder Top

Not only does an off-the-shoulder top show off your collarbone, but it also shows off that pretty scarf you didn’t know what to do with. While all the extra fabric might overwhelm a normal top, a bare-shoulders look is the perfect opportunity to let this ladylike staple shine.

scarf loud
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3. Wear A Bold Print With All Black

If your scarf is loud like this one, pair it with simple silhouettes and muted colors. Against a background of cropped black jeans and a black blazer, this fiery red number can take center stage.

scarf gauzy
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4. Wear A Light, Gauzy Scarf With Slouchy Basics

Juxtapose a more feminine and delicate scarf with boyfriend jeans and a looser-fitting black top. The jeans and top keep the scarf from looking too cute, and the scarf softens and dresses up its more androgynous background.

scarf camelcoat
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5. Wear A Simple Scarf With A Classic Coat

Aaaand this outfit is pretty much perfect. Despite being subdued, the combination of black basics, a camel coat and a simple black scarf exudes elegance and keeps you warm without being bulky and puffer-like.

scarf infinity
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6. Wear An Infinity Scarf With Detailed Accents

A loop scarf worn close to your neck draws attention to your torso, so while you’ve got people’s eyes, you might as well give them something to look at. Do that with a sweater with an interesting hem and a luxe blazer with super-cool lapel and pocket details.

scarf poncho
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7. Wear A Blanket Scarf Like A Belted Poncho

Perfect for the coldest of days, tossing a giant scarf over your shoulders like a poncho (and belting it) is basically like wearing your bed’s comforter—but totally acceptable to the outside world.

scarf skinny
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8. Wear A Skinny Scarf With A Striped Tee And Moto Jacket

A little bit rock star, a little bit French girl, this look is all-around cool. A skinny scarf and striped tee look great on their own, but the addition of a tougher jacket adds an interesting layer in terms of style and warmth.

scarf fauxfur
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9. Wear A Faux Fur Stole With Kooky Details

Not for the faint of heart, a faux fur stole is luxurious and dramatic. If you’re brave enough to go there, you might as well really go there and wear it with equally dramatic pieces like a comically oversize coat, ripped jeans and quirky accessories like this googly-eyed mini bag.

scarf belted
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10. Wear A Bulky Knit With A Belt

A scarf like this could add unwanted volume—unless you belt it, that is. By cinching it around your narrowest part, you create curves instead of looking like you’re drowning in fabric.

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