Testing TikTok: We Recreated Three of Bella Hadid’s Iconic Looks

As the devoted fashionistas that we are, it’s no secret that we pretty much want *everything* in Bella Hadid’s closet. But, can us regular folks really wear the same ‘fits as her and expect them to look as good?

On a brand new episode of Testing TikTok, PureWow creator Kate Kesselman decided to find out for herself by recreating three of Hadid’s most iconic outfits. Are these ensembles really worth the hype? Or could no one else but Hadid truly pull them off?

In the video (see above), Kate chooses three different outfits to recreate and gives them the good ol’ classic wear test. Just by looking at the first outfit, the ensemble instantly reminds her of something her grandfather would wear. “My grandpa would’ve worn that. And would’ve rocked it!” 

In the pic, Hadid can be seen wearing a brown fur leather jacket (why hello, Tom Cruise), a pair of oversized denim jeans with two belts and dark black retro shades.

Once Kate finds the necessary pieces to make her own version, Kate is actually quite surprised at how it turns out. “I honestly don’t hate this,” she says in the video. “This is something I feel like I could actually wear.”

Want to see how the other outfits turned out? Check out the video above to hear more of what Kate has to say about Hadid’s fashion.

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